You’ll Love These Pumpkin Invites Perfect for Celebrating Birthdays

pumpkin invites for birthdays

One of the best parts of fall is pumpkins. They are so easy to decorate with, super cute and make great photo props. If you love pumpkins too then you’re in the right place. Today’s post is all about pumpkins. Specifically pumpkin invites for birthdays.

Personally, I think that pumpkin invites are the absolute best way to celebrate a fall birthday. They are the perfect theme for this time of year. I’m sharing 5 ideas for invites for a “little pumpkin” birthday party.

However, each one could be adapted to a baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, or anything else you can think of to celebrate. And since we’re discussing other fall parties, if you’re planning a fall baby shower, I’ve got that covered. Find fun fall baby shower games.

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our little pumpkin birthday invites

5 Pumpkin Invites for Fall Birthdays

The invitation is always where I start with new designs. It will give the entire direction of the party. It helps set the time, theme, food, and more. That’s why this post is all about the invitations. However, I’ve thrown a few fun extras in there as well. There’s so many parts to a party so I’ve rounded up a few fun decorations, party favors, and games to help you plan.

If you’re planning your own pumpkin party, be sure to download the free pumpkin alphabet banner at the bottom. You don’t have to use for just a birthday party either. All the letters are included, so you can make any message and use it for any fall event. Or, simply decorate your home for fall!

Without further ado, let’s get to those pumpkin invites for birthdays!

1. Glitter
glitter pumpkin invite
Plan an “Our Little Pumpkin” birthday party with a fun glitter invite

First up is one for the girls (but can be for boys too!).  This glitter chevron theme adds a little sparkle to the party. If you want to add a little bling to the fall invite, then this is definitely a good option. Fall doesn’t have to be dull, that’s for sure! The gold glitter is the perfect accent to the rustic pumpkin vibe.

Add more glitter to your party with these adorable glitter pumpkin votive holders. Pop a candle in them and you’ll be set. They are rustic and classy at the same time.

glitter pumpkin votives
Fun glitter pumpkin votives would be the perfect addition to the party

2. Burlap
our little pumpkin burlap birthday invite
Burlap is the perfect fall party supply. Great for invites too!

The next design is a personal favorite.  I love all things burlap and it’s perfect for fall. Burlap is a common design in my shop and that’s because it works with so many different things! You can dress it up, or keep it rustic.

It’s also cheap and you can find so many different things to use it for. Make table cloths, runners, little pumpkins, banners, bags and more. However, I have to say the burlap pumpkins are my favorite. Set them around the party for decorations, or glue them to the decor! So many options.

3. Wooden
our little pumpkin birthday invite with wooden back
Our little pumpkin invite with a wooden background for a rustic touch

Another perfect fall design is one with a wooden background. There’s just something about the wooden background that just screams fall.

I also love these little wooden pumpkins you can color yourself. They make a great kids craft (or adult, I’d love it!) activity. Plus, they can double as a party favor. Each package is sold in sets of 12 too so it’s a great deal, which I also love.

color-your-own wooden pumpkins
Conor-Your-Own wooden pumpkins make a great party activity and double as favors! It’s a win-win!

4. Chalkboard
pumpkin invites for birthdays with chalkboard back
Chalkboard Pumpkin Invite perfect for Fall

If you follow my work, you also know that I love chalkboard too. The black chalkboard with orange writing is just too perfect for a pumpkin themed party that I cold not resist.

Plus, you can easily find all sorts of decorations to match. Check out this adorable chalkboard pumpkin sign above. You can use it for the party but keep it for holiday decor in the years to come. It’s got the chalk and the pumpkin, what else could you need?

5. Die Cut Pumpkin-Shaped
pumpkin birthday invites in pumpkin shape
Pumpkin-shaped party invite matches any type of decor!

This last design is an all time favorite of mine for fall and may even be an all time favorite of all my designs. Any time I can do a custom cut-out for an invite, I jump on it.  It’s more work, yes, but look how adorable it turns out! This is probably one of my more popular designs for fall and I love it. My absolute favorite thing to do is make fun-shaped designs.

Now, what’s great about this invite (besides that it’s fun!) is that it goes with anything. Add any of the above items to it and it still works. Want glitter? Easy. Love the rustic burlap or wood? Put some of that in the decor. However, want to know my favorite thing to add? These cute pumpkin favor boxes. Sold in sets of 12 again, so they’re great deal.

party favor boxes in pumpkin shape
Pumpkin favor boxes perfect for trick-or-treaters or fun fall parties

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