The Best Valentine’s Crafts for Kid’s Activities

valentine crafts for kids

I truly believe Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap. It’s really just about showing love. It doesn’t have to be just about couples. I think it’s a fun holiday for kids especially and a great way to get out of those post-Christmas-blues if you have them.

However, if you’re feeling a bit stressed over trying to come up with new activities for the kid’s or goodies for all those Valentine parties at school, you’re in luck.

That’s why I created my activity packs that are full of handmade games and crafts for the kids. They can also be copied and used for those goodie bags.

Today I’m sharing some fun Valentine crafts but also what’s inside the latest activity pack that’s Valentine themed and how you can use the crafts for gifts, decor, kid’s parties, and more.

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5 Valentine Crafts inside the Activity Pack Membership

Love you to Pieces Craft

This is the perfect craft for the kids this Valentine’s Day for Mom or Dad!

How to use the “love you to pieces” activity:

1. add a reason why you love the recipient to each of the puzzle pieces.

2. Glue each one to the heart.

3. Give as a meaningful gift for Valentine’s Day.

That’s it! The game comes pre-cut and ready to use so set your kid’s up with a pen and some glue and let them make this for their teacher, parent, or grand-parent!

Love You To Pieces Valentine Craft

Valentine Fortune Teller

I love Fortune Tellers! They just take me back to my school days ya know? And the best part is that if you make double-sided copies of these you can use them for class parties.

Will you eat too much candy? Have a secret admirer? Find out with the valentine fortune teller. This game is fun for so many ages and kids love playing it over and over again.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to fold them in case you forgot since your own school days.

Teacher Gifts

Stop giving teachers weird things they don’t need or want for holidays! PLEASE! Use these cards from the latest activity pack to give them gift cards and let them get what they want or need.

teacher gifts for valentine's day
Valentine teacher gifts they’ll use!

14 Days of Kindness

Add some meaning to Valentine’s Day and the whole month of February! Put this game on the fridge and let you kid’s mark off the days as they complete each task in February. Included in the next activity pack!

Love Bug Dice Game

This a fun and unique game for the older kids included in the latest activity pack!
How to play:
1. Take turns rolling the dice and moving your bug around the board.
2. Collect the letters as you land on them.
3. Go forwards and backwards to get your letters.
4. If you land on the same letter you already have, you must put it back!
5. First person to reach the end with the entire word “LOVE” collected wins!

So that’s not everything inside the valentine pack. It comes with a minimum of 10 games and crafts and of course a couple surprises but here’s the sneak peak you might just love.

Valentine Activity Pack
Activity Pack for Valentine’s Day

Bonus Valentine Craft

This isn’t inside the activity packs but it is a fun craft and one of my favorite valentine decorations to date so I had to share.


I saw a heart wreath at Kirkland’s and decided to re-create it.

Luckily there is wire frame wreaths in the shape of hearts available at any craft store, so this one is easy to make.  I used red burlap, but you could potentially use any fabric if you wanted to mix it up.

Valentine Crafts: Heart Wreath
Heart Wreath

Supplies: Wreath Frame | Burlap | Arrow | Jute | Letters

Celebrate Love (and everything else!)

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