Valentine Crafts You’ll Love: 5 Items You Can Make at Home

Valentine crafts are not something I do very often. Mostly because it’s right after Christmas so I’m a bit crafted out, if there is such a thing.  It’s also two days before Adam’s (my husband’s) birthday so I’m mostly thinking about that instead.

However, this year I decided to go for it. I saw a heart wreath at Kirkland’s and decided to re-create it and then that lead to other ideas, which lead to this blog (you’re welcome).

The valentine crafts below can be given as gifts, used for decoration or even used at a wedding. If you’re interested in DIY-ing it, then I’ve provided a list of supplies for each of the items as well.  

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5 Valentine Crafts

1. Wreath

First up is the wreath that started it all. Luckily there is wire frame wreaths in the shape of hearts available at any craft store, so this one is easy to make.  I used red burlap, but you could potentially use any fabric if you wanted to mix it up.

Valentine Crafts: Heart Wreath
Heart Wreath

Supplies: Wreath Frame | Burlap | Arrow | Jute | Letters

2. Puzzle Photo Frames

Another idea is these simple photo puzzle frames.  You can find the frames here, and then you just paint and embellish as you please. Easy-peasy and so cute.  I love that they connect on all the sides, so you can hang them however you want, and use vertical or horizontal photos.

Valentine Crafts: Puzzle Frames
Puzzle Frames

Supplies: Puzzle Frames | Paint | Embellishments (I used lace tape)

3. Love Photo Holder

This next idea is my absolute favorite. I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s actually super easy, you just need yarn, the LOVE letters, and wire. I think it’s great to be able to add photos or any other little items you want to display. You can also change the colors to make less valentine-y.

Valentine Crafts: LOVE Photo Holder
LOVE Photo Holder

Supplies: Love Letters | Wire | Yarn | Embellishments (I used silk flowers)

4. Wine Bottle Vases

These are actually an older item I made a while back, but they work well for Valentine crafts as well. If you wanted to make it more Valentine themed, all you’d have to do is change the ribbon color and paint the letters red and white or pink!

Valentine Crafts: Wine Bottle Vases
Wine Bottle Vases

Supplies: Wine Bottles | Jute | Ribbon | Letters | Paint

5. Mr. & Mrs. Photo Prop

Lastly, this idea is the perfect wedding prop.  Put it on the entrance table, gift table, cake table, you get the idea. Or give it as a gift for a bridal shower. Add the wedding date too to personalize, and change the ribbon color to match any color scheme. You can find the supplies you’ll need below, or you can purchase ours if you’re not into DIY.

Valentine Crafts: Mr. & Mrs. Photo Prop
Mr. & Mrs. Photo Prop

Supplies: Mr. & Mrs. Letters | Paint | Card Stock  | Tulle | Other Embellishments (I used pearls and rhinestone)

Celebrate Love (and everything else!)

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