How to Use Graphics for Creating Printable Gifts

A lot of times when you download any kind of “printable” it will come with lots of graphics. You might think you can’t do much with that if you’re not a professional designer but this isn’t true. There are so many things you can do with nothing more than JPEG graphics. You don’t have to be a designer, use a cutting machine or know what an SVG file is. You can create printable gifts from graphics and I’m going to show you who.

I love to use printables to dress up everyday gifts. It can make something just a little more special if you add small personalization to it. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out. My favorite thing to do is to add a personalized card to any store bought gift

I’ve got three super easy ways to dress up everyday gifts with printables. Each of these printables are available in the Printables club.

How to re-purpose graphics into printable gifts on white background

3 Ways to Create Printable Gifts

1. Lunch Box Notes from Jokes

One of the cutest things is when I see moms putting notes in the lunch box for their kids. Believe me, they are going to remember something like that more than if you spend hours making their food overly cute. And this idea involves taking jokes and putting them in your kid’s lunch box.

printable halloween jokes
halloween jokes for trick or treating or lunch boxes are available seasonally in the Printables Club

2. Wine Bottle Labels

I love receiving and giving wine. Whenever I go to anyone’s house and I know they like wine, it’s the perfect gift. However, I do like to add a little something special to it. This is where wine labels or tags come into the play.

thanksgiving wine bottle labels
Give the gift of wine for a Thanksgiving hostess gift. Wine bottle labels add just that extra little touch of cuteness. Available seasonally in The Printables Club

3. Teacher Appreciation Gift Cards

This last idea is perfect for teacher appreciation. I’m a big fan of gift cards for teachers. Don’t make it weird, if you’re wondering why, check this post, I lay it all out.

teacher gift card holders
teacher appreciation gifts available in The Printables Club

Get Started on Your Printable Gifts

Download all these printable gifts in The Printables Club. You’ll find graphics, gift cards, tags, labels, and more. All perfect for creating more personalized gifts.

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