Three Ways Guaranteed to Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Vacation

3 ways to make your backyard feel like a vacation

One sure thing that’s been going on with Covid-19 is that we are all home a bit more. I don’t know how many times I’ve been thankful for our house and our backyard. When the weather is nice, it really is a place we love to be in. Even if we’re doing work out there in the yard, we still enjoy it. Nevertheless, as much as I love our backyard, I also love to travel and be away from home, something I can’t do right now.

Backyard decor

My husband and I both work from home right now, but I’ve been working for home for about 7 years. That means, a lot of this isn’t new to me, and one thing that’s always kept me sane is having my weekends off. Right now, that’s harder and harder because we can’t go anywhere!

Therefore, I had to think outside the box and make our backyard feel like a vacation. We spend a lot of time out there on the weekends now and with all the little things we’ve added, it really does make it feel like a mini-vacation.

However you may be thinking that this is too hard, costs too much, takes to much time, but it doesn’t. I’m not going to suggest you put in a pool, or buy expensive sporting equipment. Today I’m simply sharing how to make your backyard feel like a vacation, and really there’s only 3 main things I do to make it feel this way. Yes, that’s it, 3 things, but so many possibilities!

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Make Your Backyard a Vacation

1. Make it Comfortable

The very first thing you want to do is make it comfortable. Patio furniture is expensive, I know, but there’s other options too. I have a hard time spending money on furniture that’s literally going to be exposed to all the elements outside. That’s why, I love a good pillow or bean bag chair.

Hammocks are also something I love. Now, we have a lot of seating in our backyard, but when we lived in an apartment, all I had was pillows and a bean bag chair and I still loved being on the balcony. If you want to make it comfy, try one (or all) of these fun products below.

Backyard pillows for the patio or lounge chairs.
Backyard pillows for the patio or lounge chairs.
  • Comfy Chairs
    • If you do want to splurge a little, then comfy chairs is definitely the way to go. We love ours from World Market and they are comfy with or without pillows.
  • Fun Throw Pillows
  • Hammock
  • Bean Bag

2. Provide Entertainment

The next thing you’ll need to do is provide entertainment. This can be such a simple task! We have a lot of backyard games but you don’t have to have many. We had a housewarming party and one of the most popular games was simply the football you can throw.

Of course, our favorite from of entertainment is the corn hole set. My husband and I can spend hours playing this game. I’ve got a few options for games you can find online below.

Outdoor Games to play at home
Outdoor Games to play at home

3. Don’t Be Afraid of (a few) Luxuries

Now I promised this wasn’t post about having to put in a pool or add a patio that costs thousands of dollars but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few little luxuries.

Get an outdoor cooler so you don’t have to go in for snacks. or perhaps a blow up pool. Hey, that might sound a little childish but it’s been one of our favorite things we’ve purchased. It’s a great way to cool off for cheap!

Personalized cooler for summer time
Personalized cooler for summer time

Personalized Backyard Products

These are just a few of my favorite things I can’t live without in the summer. You can find all the personalized items on Zazzle (a favorite of mine). Change the wording, the graphics, everything.

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  1. That’s right Jamie, it’s in our home that starts our comfort, thanks for sharing your tips to improve our backyard… ou may I say playground?? ahah be safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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