The Perfect Summertime Fruit Makes Summer Decor You’ll Love

I don’t know what it is about watermelon and summer but they go together so well. Because of this, it also makes for adorable home decor, fun crafts, and cute printable games to play with kids.

How, you might ask? Well, I’m here to show you. I’ve got fun decor, a cute craft, and two printable games for all you watermelon-lovers.

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watermelon crafts, home decor, and printables

Watermelon Fun Facts

Now, before we get to the designs, we need to discuss some fun facts about watermelon. After all, it’s always good to learn something. So here we go…

  1. Watermelon is both a fruit and vegetable. Wait, what? How is that possible? I thought the same thing. It turns out that they are mostly thought of as a fruit and they do grow like a fruit BUT a lot of gardeners also consider them to be a vegetable. This is because they are classified as part of the botanical family of gourds. Still seems confusing to me, but there you have it.
  2. You can eat the entire thing, rind, seeds, and all. Was anyone else told not to eat the watermelon seeds as a kid? Wasn’t it a joke that you’d grow a watermelon in your tummy? Well, if you were, that’s wrong (clearly). Many places in the world actually eat every part and they cook the seeds like pumpkin seeds.
  3. They are appropriately named as they are 92% water.
  4. There are 1200 different varieties but they are more commonly grouped into four many categories. Seems a bit excessive if you ask me.
  5. Watermelons can help prevent cancer.
  6. They are the most adorable summer time home decor. Okay, maybe not a fact. 🙂

There you have it, for more fun facts visit they are the source of all this watermelon knowledge.

How to Bring Watermelon Decor to Your Home this Summer

Since we got all the learning out of the way, let’s discuss how to make watermelon a part of your home decor, summertime activities, and more.

Home Decor

watermelon home decor
Personalize these and more items online for your watermelon home decor

Welcome Mat

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the easiest ways to update your home for the season is with a welcome mat. I love these from Zazzle because they are flat, store easily, can be personalized, and put in the washing machine.


This next home decor item may not be as easy to store, but can you ever have too many pillows? My husband would say yes, but I would definitely say no. Pillows are just cozy.

Kitchen Towel

The kitchen towel is another great and easy way to update your home decor because it’s easy to store. I’m also a fan of anything that is useful and towels are always a good idea.

Plus, when packing them up for the season, use them to wrap any breakable seasonal items you might have that you don’t keep out all year.

Bonus: Bag

This last one is a bonus because it’s not technically home decor but everyone loves a good bag right? It’s super handy for summer too. Who doesn’t need another beach bag, park bag, or road trip bag?

Fun Craft

watermelon coaster craft
Make watermelon coasters out of wood slices

This next idea is a super fun craft but it can be a bit messy because it involves paint so if you’re doing it with kids, keep that in mind.

However, it doubles as home decor and it’s useful, my favorite kind of craft. These watermelon coasters are easy to make, and super cute. Minimal supplies and each one turns out a little different.


The supplies for this are pretty minimal, which is fantastic.

  • Wood slices
  • paint (green, white, pink (or red), and black
  • paint brushes
  • Gloss coating (to protect it from your drinks!)


  1. If you’re wanting them to look like mine. start with the green paint
  2. Next, you’ll add the white layer
  3. Finally, fill in the circle with the pink (or red)
  4. Let dry
  5. Go back and add the seeds. Don’t stress about making them perfect. Watermelon seeds are never perfect!
  6. Let dry again then finish off with the top gloss coating. This will protect your coasters from drink sweat!

Printable Games

watermelon printable games
Print and play watermelon games available in The Printables Club

Finally, let’s talk about a couple of easy printable games. Each of these can be done with the printable bundle I mentioned above. The tic tac toe board comes ready to play and the matching game can be created using the graphics in the bundle.

Tic Tac Toe

Not all watermelon seeds are completely black! Okay, at least not for tic tac toe. 🙂

Seed Matching

I love this seed matching game because it helps teach kids about numbers and counting. Simply print the two pages of watermelons found in the bundle, then cut out each piece. Mix them up, then let kids match them to their correct counter part. Make it race by printing multiple sheets. Download once, print over and over.

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