The Easiest Halloween Treat Bags You will Ever Make

halloween printables for trick or treat bags

You’ve got a lot going on, especially around the holidays. Sure, you see cute things you could do for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, but sometimes you just don’t have the time.

You just don’t.

That is the biggest reason I created the Printables club. To save you time and money.

Inside you’ll find short videos on how to do fun, quick crafts.

This week, I’m sharing one of those with you. Here’s three quick, cute, and easy trick or treat bag additions. You’ll have the cutest goodies in the neighborhood.

trick or treat printables

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Treats Cute

As an added bonus, there are printables that can be used as an alternative to sweets. If you’re part of the blue pumpkin project, the printable games are a great way to have something besides candy at your house.

Treat Bag Covers

I’m showing you how to make quick trick or treat bags. They’re an easy last minute way to add cuteness to your Halloween.

Plus, they take just a few minutes and are super easy to add to your halloween goodies. Head to the blog for a full on tutorial.

How to make trick or treat bag covers

Printable Games

This next printable is perfect for kids who can’t do the candy. The printable games can be paired with other fun goodies like temporary tattoos, erasers, and more.

printable halloween games for a candy alternative
Use printable games as a trick or treating alternative, these are available seasonally in the Printables Club

Bag Tags

The absolute easiest way to finish off a treat bag is with a tag. These tags can be used for so many things! Add them to boo baskets, teacher gifts, and more.

How to make tags for your trick or treaters

Bag Toppers

This last design is perfect for treat bag toppers. Just print, cut, fold, attach. The jokes are a cute way to add more to the holiday.

How to make trick or treat bag toppers

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