Super Easy Printable Thanksgiving Crafts that Make Adorable Dinner Decorations

Easy Thanksgiving dinner decorations

Thanksgiving Dinner

You’re stressed out, you’re cooking from before daybreak, and your kids are arguing in the living room. Awww Thanksgiving. You’ve put all this work into making your home lovely and inviting for family and now you’re just exhausted. Did you know it doesn’t have to be this way? Believe it or not, you can make your home inviting and decorated for the holiday without going crazy. There’s actually decorations that are useful. That will make the holiday better and you can create them with printable thanksgiving crafts.

I’ve decided this year to create everything you need for thanksgiving dinner decorations and they can be made with printables from The Printables Club. But there’s a bit of a twist. These are easy decorations without all the excess crap.

easy thanksgiving dinner decor

Why Keep it Easy?

See, while I do love Thanksgiving dinner, it’s possible it can also be a lot of work. Okay, it is a lot of work. That’s why the purpose of this post is to keep it easy. If you love to decorate but tend to over stress on it, then this is for you. I’m giving you an easy list of things you can do with minimal work. That way, you can have your thanksgiving dinner decorations and still eat your dinner. 😉

In short, I won’t be sharing how to create your own cornucopia filled with fruits and veggies fresh from the garden you’ve been growing all year placed on top of your hand made table runner with hand lettered place cards at each table setting complete with turkey thankful cards with each person’s name on them.

I mean, do you really need all that? I am all about cutting through the bullshit and just providing quality items that are both fun and useful, so that’s what I’m doing.

However, remember, this post is all about making it easy. No need to stress yourself out over decorating, it should be fun! If it’s not fun, just don’t do it. Easy-peasy.

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Easy Dinner Decorations with Printable Thanksgiving Crafts

When it comes to thanksgiving dinner, there’s really three main areas: cooking, the table, and actually eating. Which is why I’ve divided these fun items into those three sections. Remember, I like to keep it easy for ya.

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Printable Thanksgiving crafts on a white background
Thanksgiving Printables available in The Printables Club!

How to Use the Printable Thanksgiving Crafts

1. For Cooking

First up, you can’t have Thanksgiving dinner without having to cook it, right? Each of these three items are things that are actually useful as well. If you’re going to spend money on, it mine as well be useful, right?

Pumpkin Spice Apron

I have a confession to make, I don’t own an apron. See, I’m not really the one that makes Thanksgiving dinner. I’m more into the decorations, clearly. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Get a cute one for Thanksgiving. If you love pumpkin spice (I mean, who doesn’t?) for fall, then this one is for you.

Promising Review

I just received my Baking Lover apron, and I am so thrilled with the quality, design, and workmanship! It is a nice substantial material. Plus, the pockets across the front – big thumbs up! 

Paula McKenzie
apron for thanksgiving with pumpkin is the spice of life
Who doesn’t love all things pumpkin spice for fall? Don a cute apron for thanksgiving featuring your love

Turkey Cutting Board

This is another super useful item. When making a big dinner like this, you really can’t have too many of these lying around. You don’t even have to use them for cutting, there are so many uses.

Easy thanksgiving decor is this fun cutting board. Use or hang it for decorations.

Promising Review

This personalized cutting board is perfect. So beautiful I do not use it as a cutting board but as decoration. 

Neilla Cenci

Gobble ’til You Wobble Kitchen Towel

If I have to tell you the importance of towels in the kitchen, then you might be in the wrong place. Towels are great, and you really can’t have too many of them.

turkey towel for easy thanksgiving dinner decor
Gobble ’til you wobble thanksgiving kitchen towel

Promising Review

These are the perfect weight, flexibility and absorbency for kitchen towels. They have a fine microfiber texture, and quickly dry hands or dishes.


2. For a Pretty Table

Next, you can make your table pretty with just a few items. Place a serving tray in the middle with a jar of flowers and the salt and pepper. Or have guests use cute themed placemats.

Placemats for the Kids (and the messy adults!)

If you’re having kiddos at your thanksgiving then these are for you. I mean, they make messes right? These come laminated so they are easy to clean which is what everything Thanksgiving dinner needs.

thanksgiving dinner decor idea: turkey placemats for kids
Use fun Thanksgiving placemats for easy cleaning at the kid’s table.

Promising Review

The product exceeded my expectations. I love the colors, the visual appearance and was very very pleased with how the product was packaged for delivery! 


Be Thankful Serving Tray

A serving tray is not something I would usually put down as needing, however, they can be quite handy. I actually have a tray similar to this on my table all the time because it gives me a place to store napkins, salt and pepper, and a cute floral arrangement. It makes it easy to move things off the table when need be too.

serving tray for easy thanksgiving decor
Eat, drink, and be thankful this holiday with a fun serving tray

Promising Review

Excellent quality! I rate this product as an awesome winner! In love with this product and this company! I love it! 100% rating!

Nancy Morano

3. For Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Finally, once everything is ready and the table is set, it’s time to dine! Get plates and napkins you don’t have to wash for starters. Then add cute things like napkin rings, wine charms and even a wine tote or label.

Paper Plates for Easy Clean Up

Look, I know that Thanksgiving can be the time to break out the fine china. However, I’m a big fan of paper plates. I don’t even own fine china. No kidding. There’s going to be a lot of clean up regardless of the plates you use so why not make it easier on yourself and choose paper. You can make them cute!

paper plates for thanksgiving dinner
Save yourself some cleanup and just go paper this Thanksgiving with cute, customizable plates

Promising Review

Great cake plates. How fun to have your name on them. Great for birthdays, retirement, and general celebrations.


Paper or Cloth Napkins

You’re going to need napkins one way or another and this is a super easy way to add a little fall flair. They are customizable too so you can change the message.

easy thanksgiving decor: pumpkin themed napkins
If Pumpkin is the spice of your life, then these napkins are the perfect Thanksgiving dinner decor

Promising Review

These napkins were high quality and arrived on time. The uniqueness of this item and the ability to personalize it made them a very special added touch.

Debbie Dunbar

Wine Bottle Labels

This next idea is meant to be a hostess gift. Wine is always a good idea. These labels are a great way to make the bottle just a little fancier. If you’re headed to someone else’s place this Thanksgiving and you’re looking for a personal gift then this is a great option.

Labels come in sets of 6 so use them for several gifts! Or, add them to your own bottles. That way, when you set out bottles of wine for dinner, they’ll be festive!

thanksgiving wine bottle labels
Give the gift of wine for a Thanksgiving hostess gift. Wine bottle labels add just that extra little touch of cuteness

Promising Review

Great product. Sticks well but also easy to remove to reuse bottles. Professional looking and forgiving if you need to adjust because you didn’t put it in straight. Recommend.

Eat Love Nourish

Wine Charms

If you’re staying home for Thanksgiving but having several people to your house then this last idea might be for you. Wine charms are great because they are useful. I’m all about useful. It’s an easy and cute way that everyone can keep their drinks straight.

thanksgiving wine glass charms
Make it clear for your dinner guest which glass is theirs with fun wine glass charms.

Promising Review

The charms are lovely! They are solid like metal disks with a flexible ring to attach to the stem of any wine-type glass. A perfect way to keep track of your drink.

Embrace Thanksgiving

I don’t know about you but I love Thanksgiving dinner. When we lived abroad Thanksgiving was the holiday I missed the most. I mean, it’s truely an American holiday and without it, it really doesn’t feel like Christmas is on the way.

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