Super Simple Patriotic DIY Decor for Summer

easy patriotic flag crafts

Patriotic DIY decor is perfect for any time of the year, but get really fun during the summer. Memorial Day tends to kick off summer in the states and it’s the perfect time to break out the red, white, and blue. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to start crafting for the Fourth of July.

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patriotic diy decor on white background with stars and stripes

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Fun Facts about the American Flag

Now, before we get to the patriotic crafts, let’s talk about the American flag. Why? Because I said so. But also, because it’s good to know the meaning behind things. I mean, that’s really the purpose of my blog, to share the meaning of why we do things in the first place.

  • There have been 27 versions of the American flag.
  • Each Color symbolizes something:
    • Red: hardiness and valor
    • White: purity & innocence
    • Blue: vigilance, perseverance and justice
  • The current version of the flag is the only one to have lasted more than 50 years
  • The flag CAN touch the ground and still be used. There is a myth that once a flag touches the ground it needs to be burned or disposed of. That’s not entirely true. If a flag is soiled or touches the ground, it can be washed and dry cleaned and continue to be used.
  • 5 American flags have made it to the moon (not just the one by Neil Armstrong).
  • At one point, there were just as many stripes as there were stars. For a while, the U.S. added stripes and stars to the flag when welcoming new states. When Kentucky and Vermont joined the union, the flag took on two more stars from the original, so that from 1795 to 1818, 15 stripes and 15 stars graced the flag. Anticipating a crowded field of stripes, lawmakers decided to honor each new state with a star, and leave the stripes at the original 13, after 1818.
  • The current flag was designed by a High School Student,  Robert G. Heft, of Lancaster, Ohio. President Eisenhower chose his from 1,500 other entries.

Sources: National Flag Foundation | The Culture Trip

Patriotic DIY Decor with 4 Easy Flag Crafts

Okay, I will dispense with the history lesson now and we can get to the crafty things. Today I’m sharing 4 easy flag crafts you can make at home to complete any patriotic decorations. Each of the items below take between 1-2 hours. I’ve provided the basic steps and links to supplies as well to make it super easy.

1. Wine Cork Coasters

First up are wine cork coasters. I love these and they are really quite easy. They’re also a craft you can use which is always a good idea.

Patriotic Wine Cork Coasters
Patriotic Wine Cork Coasters

Steps to Make It

  • Gather materials: Corks | X-Acto Knife | Paint | Jute | Cork Coasters | Hot Glue | Scissors
  • Cut the corks in half using the x-acto knife
  • Paint each of the corks (you’ll need 6 white, 6 red, and 4 blue)
  • Glue Corks together (side by side as the photo shows above)
  • Glue the cork coasters to the bottom of the corks
  • Use the jute to wrap around the corks to finish off the look

2. Wrapped Wreath

This wrapped wreath takes a bit of time but is not a difficult one to produce.

Patriotic Home Sweet Home Wreath
Patriotic Home Sweet Home Wreath

Steps to Make It

  • Gather supplies: Foam Wreath | Yarn (3 colors) | Hot Glue | Scissors | Wood Stars | Spray Paint | Twine (optional) | Letters (optional)
  • Start with the blue yarn as it’s the biggest section (glue one end to the back and start wrapping!)
  • For mine, I wanted 13 “stripes” so I marked off the sections (approximately) for the red and white
  • Wrap the yarn according to your sections and how many stripes you want shown
  • Paint the stars white
  • Attach stars to blue portion with hot glue
  • Embellish! I used twine glued to the back with the letters attached to read “home sweet home”

3. Burlap Flag

This next one is super easy and makes a big statement.

Patriotic Burlap Banner
Patriotic Burlap Banner

Steps to Make It

  • Gather materials: Wood Plank | Burlap Ribbon | Spray Paint | Scissors | Wood Stars | Hot Glue
  • Paint the wood plank blue
  • Cut strips of burlap ribbon (7 red and 6 white)
  • Attach strips to wood plank with hot glue
  • Paint stars white
  • Attach stars to plank with hot glue

4. Wine Bottle Centerpiece

I love wine so much I’m sharing two wine crafts today. This wine bottle takes very few supplies and can be made with any kind of ribbon. I used colored burlap but plain ribbon would work just fine.

Patriotic Wrapped Wine Bottle
Patriotic Wrapped Wine Bottle

Steps to Make It

  • Gather Materials: Wine Bottle | Burlap Ribbon | Hot Glue | Wood Stars
  • Start with the blue section. Fold the burlap ribbon in half and attach one end to the bottle with hot glue (tip: wired edge ribbon works best, I didn’t have this for the red and it was more difficult, I definitely recommend the ribbon with the wire edge).
  • Wrap pieces individually.
  • Repeat 6 times for the blue
  • Repeat wrapping the same way with the red and white (4 per color)

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