Unique Bridal Shower Themes You Will Love

Non-traditional Bridal showers

I am all about non-traditional and unique bridal shower themes. When I got married, I made everyone wear their pajamas. My sisters and mom had a hard time grasping why I’d do this. However, I personally don’t understand the need to dress up to sit in someone’s house.  

At your bridal shower, you are surrounded by your best friends and family, so why not wear your pjs? Regardless, non-traditional bridal showers are my favorite kind.

Today I’m sharing new invitation ideas. Whether you’re sporty or classy, a wine taster or a home-body, there’s a non-traditional idea for you.

Unique Bridal Shower Themes & Invites


First up is a bridal tea party.  This is a popular one, and I love the idea of having anything in a special shape. Therefore, this design is not only a tea-cup, but also a tea bag.

Game Night

Another fun idea is to throw a game party.  I made this invite with a Las Vegas casino in mind. However, you could personalize it for any type of game.


A personal favorite of mine is the baseball theme. Plus, the baseball works so well with the engagement ring for this design below.

Wine Tasting

Next up is wine tasting.  You can’t go wrong with wine tasting.  I wanted to bring in the vineyard aspect, not just the wine for this invite. Thus, I used the wine barrel.

6. Sleepover

Finally, the sleepover.  Guests wore pajamas to my bridal shower but didn’t actually sleepover. However, I do think it would have been a great idea. For this one, I also wanted to bring the theme into the wording so I used the phrase “man of her dreams”.

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