Kids’ St. Patrick’s Day Shirts & How to Make Them

St. Patrick's Day Shirts

I don’t know about you, but I definitely believe there’s nothing cuter than a kid in an adorable holiday-themed shirt. It seems that nowadays, the schools are always planning themed days.

While I love it, I can imagine this could be quite the headache for the parents out there. That’s why I’m sharing these fun kid’s St. Patrick’s day shirts and how to make them.

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How to Make Kid’s St. Patrick’s Day Shirts

St. Patrick's Day Shirts Made with SVG files

St. Patrick’s Day Sayings

First things, first, you’ll need something to put on those shirts. That’s why I’ve researched lots of different sayings that are perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day shirts. You can find all the sayings below. Shop the shirts on Zazzle, the graphics in The Printables Club, or keep reading to learn how to design your own.

St. Patrick’s Graphics

Next, you’ll need graphics in order to create the shirts. You can download the free gnomes on the Journey Junkies page but that’s jut a start. The rest of the designs can be made with simple fonts or join The Printables Club for access to all our printables.

Steps to Create T-Shirts

So now you’ve got your graphics and your sayings, for the next few steps you’ll want to utilize JPEG or PNG files ideally. Head over to Zazzle. It’s is where I create home goods, t-shirts, decorations, and more. The great thing about Zazzle is that you can simply customize already created designs, or make your own. I’ll show you how.

St. Patrick's Day Shirts on Zazzle
St. Patrick’s Day Shirts on Zazzle
  • If you want to simply customize pre-existing designs the you’ll either use the template, or the “edit design” button. You can see below what the screen looks like with the “edit” button as well as what’s called the “design builder”.
Edit Design Button
“Edit Design” on Product Button
  • In the “design builder” window, you can then edit text, add “elements”, “icons”, or your own files.
Design Builder Window on Zazzle Products
Design Builder Window on Zazzle Products
  • If you want to upload different files, this is where you do that. Simply click the “my files” button then choose upload. All your files will then be available here.
Upload Files to Zazzle
Upload Files to Zazzle

That’s it! There’s really not more to it than that. If you want to create from scratch, it works the same way, however you simply start at a different window. You can see a screenshot below of where you create items from scratch. You’ll want to choose to “create your own” and you’ll see loads of different blank items just waiting for your special touch!

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