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Halloween is almost here, which means, Thanksgiving is next! Do you decorate for Thanksgiving or go right to Christmas? Usually, I go right to Christmas. Yep, sorry turkey holiday lovers, but that’s the truth. However, when I have people at my house for Thanksgiving then I leave up my fall or thanksgiving decor a bit longer. That’s why I’ve created these fun thanksgiving sayings for signs to share with you.

You see, I do hold a special place in my heart for Thanksgiving. See, when we lived in Australia, we did not celebrate Thanksgiving for three years. I certainly missed it. The football, the over-eating, the family togetherness without the pressure of gifts, all of it. I personally believe that Thanksgiving is one of those things America does right.

I’m also taking it one step further this year. I love how teachers dress up for the seasons these days. Cute t-shirts are too fun. And when something is too fun, I have to do it.

Access the Graphics Used in the Designs

If you’re looking for how to access the designs used in making these shirts, then head to The Printables Club. You can download these graphics seasonally.

thanksgiving sayings for signs printables on white background

10 Fun Thanksgiving Sayings for Signs

First, let’s start with the sayings, it’s where I started when coming up with this post. Personally, I believe cute sayings should always be a thing. Now, I’m not really talking about thanksgiving quotes that make you feel all mushy, I’m more talking cutesy.

Now, all these shirts come in multiple styles, colors, sizes, and more. So if you’re not loving the style, be sure to head to spreadshirt, they have so many different styles. You’re sure to find what you need.

Finally, let’s get to those sayings!

1. Gobble ’till You Wobble

This first quote is a classic but you really can’t talk thanksgiving sayings without it. I love that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gobble. I love the carbs, the pie, and the copious amounts of goodness. This saying just sums it all up perfectly.

gobble 'til you wobble
Share your thanksgiving plans on your shirt this year. It’s time to Gobble ’til You Wobble.

2. Gather Together, Give Thanks, Eat Pie

This next saying is great because it starts with the most important, but doesn’t forget the pie. You can never forget the pie.

mint green shirt with thanksgiving quote
Gather together, give thanks, eat pie t-shirt.

3. It’s Turkey Time

Next up, this is a super simple one and I think that makes it great for a thanksgiving day t-shirt. When else is it really “turkey time”?

it's turkey time t-shirt
Show your love of Thanksgiving with a fun “It’s turkey time” t-shirt.

4. Turkey and Pie and Football, Oh My

Growing up, football was definitely a part of my Thanksgiving. Usually the entire celebration revolved around it. We either ate thanksgiving dinner in front of the t.v., left early to make the game, scheduled out our weekend around the games. That’s why I must include a football saying in one of my freebies.

black t-shirt with thanksgiving saying
Turkey, pie, football, oh my. That’s what Thanksgivings are made of. Show your love of the holiday with a fun shirt. Offered in multiple styles

5. Eat, Drink, and Be Thankful

This is certainly an old one but sometimes that can be good. I can’t really share my thanksgiving sayings without it.

eat, drink, be thankful shirt with green sleeves
The rules of Thanksgiving are quite simple: Eat, Drink, Be Thankful

6. I’m Just Here for the Pie

Be honest with me, do you love pie? I think it’s probably one of the best parts of dinner. That and the rolls. Make sure your family and friends know just what you’re looking for this Thanksgiving with a fun shirt.

long-sleeved mint colored thanksgiving shirt
Be honest with your family and friends this Thanksgiving with a “I’m just here for the pie” shirt.

7. In All Things, Give Thanks

Another classic thanksgiving saying that you just can’t go wrong with. It works for the whole month of November. No need to wait until Thanksgiving day.

In all things, give thanks, long-sleeved shirt.
Be thankful this season with a “in all things, give thanks” shirt

8. Grateful, Thankful, and Blessed

Next up, I do believe the very purpose of Thanksgiving is pretty much summed up in this saying. I know it’s on everything these days, but it’s good to remember, especially in the year of 2020. It’s been a hard year for everyone, but it’s good to be grateful, thankful, and blessed for what we do have.

Maternity shirt with grateful, thankful, blessed
Are you extra grateful, thankful, and blessed this year? I love this saying for a maternity shirt. It comes on other styles too.

9. Wine, Turkey, Football, Nap, Repeat

This one is not necessarily a saying, but it is a good to do list for the day. Frankly, sounds like a great plan to me. I might need to add in pie but other than that, this is my perfect thanksgiving.

thanksgiving to do list shirt
Show your Thanksgiving to do list to all your relatives with a fun t-shirt. Comes in many different styles and colors.

10. Pumpkin is the Spice of Life

Finally, this last one is not really Thanksgiving related per se. However, I still love it so I had to share it here.

pumpkin is the spice of life shirt
Do you love pumpkin spice anything? Then this is for you. Shirts come in multiple styles so you’re sure to find what you need.

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