How to Have the Theme Dinosaur for a Birthday Party

everything you'll need for a dinosaur birthday party

Recently my sweet nephew turned three and had a dinosaur birthday party. It was adorable and I was honored to get to design all the bits and pieces for it. Here’s how you can have the theme dinosaur for a birthday party.

Not surprisingly, there were already a lot of ideas out there for a dinosaur birthday party, but I put my own touch on it and personalized everything for my nephew. While planning it, I loved seeing all the fun sayings as well.

Dinosaurs are adorable for more than a birthday party too. They make a fun baby shower theme for boy girl or gender neutral. You can find all the fun things as printables.

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20 Dinosaurs for a Birthday Party Designs

Today I’m sharing 20 dinosaur birthday party designs as well as giving away free graphics complete with the fun sayings I mentioned before. From invite to thank you card, and all things in between you’ll find everything you need for a dinosaur birthday party. 

Announce the Party

First things first, you’ll want to announce the party. One of the things I love to do is make fun shaped invites and use colorful envelopes. You’ll see both of these below. I took a bite out of the invite and paired it with red envelopes. You could pair it with any color you want. Check our shop for choices or find your own below.

1. Invite

2. Colorful Envelopes

One thing I always offer with all my print orders is colorful envelopes. I love it and I think it gives my designs that extra special touch. You can find a few colors at Hobby Lobby. We offer every color you can think of, not just the ones shown below.

Colorful Envelopes
Colorful Envelopes


Next up, it’s time to decorate. For this, I love signs but I also love easy ways to add some fun decor to the party. That means, I used dinosaur toys that could double as gifts that you’ll find below. Balloons are also always a good idea and dinosaur-shaped ones are perfect.

3. The Dinosaur Bundle

Before we get to specifics, here’s how you can get all the dino printables: Join The Printables Club and download these and more. Or you can download a couple of freebies at the bottom of the post.

6 instant download dinosaur for a party on white background
dinosaur party package

4. Welcome Sign

Put this welcome sign on the door so guest know they’ve arrived at the right place. It can be customized for any age and colors.

3-Rex Crossing Dinosaur Sign
Custom 3-Rex Crossing Dinosaur Sign can be changed for any age.

5. Direction Sign

This is another sign that’s great for the front door. Or, use it to get everyone to the backyard. Do you have a tricky neighborhood or apartment complex to get around? Then use this to show guests the way. You can download and print it as many times as you need

Stomp this Way Directional Sign
Click through to download this “Stomp this Way” Directional Sign to print at home

6. Age Sign

I love this next sign because it’s personalizable. It’s an emailed digital file. Which means, you buy once, you get to print it as many times as you need. Want a printed sign instead? We offer that as well. Contact us for a custom listing.

Personalized Age Sign
Personalized Age Sign you can find in our shop.

7. Happy Birthday Banner

You can’t have a birthday without a happy birthday banner! Be sure to wish your little one the best day with this fun printable. 

Dinosaur Happy Birthday Banner you can download instantly

8. Dinosaur Numbers

Download all the numbers in two colors instantly here. They are fun to hang around the party as well. It’s not just the number 3 either. you get 0-9 so make any age you need.

Dinosaur Numbers
Download Dinosaur Numbers 0-9 in our shop

9. Dinosaur Toys

Use dinosaur toys to display around the party. Add party hats to them or tie balloons on to make it even more festive. The best part? They double as gifts! Woot-woot!

Dinosaur Toys from Dollar Tree for extra decor
Dinosaur Toys from Dollar Tree for extra decor

10. Balloons

I mean, it’s a party, you’ve gotta have balloons right? I’m loving these that are shaped like dinos. Too stinkin’ cute.

Dinosaur Balloons from Target
Decorate with Dinosaur Balloons from Target

Honor the Birthday Boy or Girl

I love these next items because they are all about the birthday boy or girl. Give them something fun to wear or keep the theme going with personalized gift bags.

11. Shirt

My favorite way to honor the birthday boy or girl is with a personalized t-shirt. Sure they might not wear it again, but it’ll sure look cute in the photos. Plus, it will make them feel extra special.

Dinosaur Birthday Shirt
Dinosaur Birthday Shirt

12. Button

Not into the custom t-shirt but love the idea of honoring the birthday boy or girl? Use a button instead. It’s cheaper, and they can keep it after the party is over to decorate their room.

Dinosaur Birthday Button
Dinosaur Birthday Button

13. Gift Bag

You’ve gotta have gifts at a birthday party. I love the idea of custom gift bags. You can even take the name off so you can re-use them. Too cute.

Dinosaur Gift Bag with Personalization
Dinosaur Gift Bag with Personalization

For the Food

Chances are, you’re going to have some sort of food at the party. For this, I’ve made several signs and a table-cloth which make the food festive.

14. Plates

You’re going to need plates if you plan to serve any kind of food. Why not make them cute? 

Personalized Party Plates
Personalized Party Plates

15. Napkins

Not sure about the plates, but love the idea of an extra touch? Napkins might be the way to go. Best part, you can use them after the party too. There’s always a mess to clean up.

Dinosaur Party Napkins
Dinosaur Party Napkins

16. Food Signs

I love having custom food signs at parties. It’s just so cute. People will definitely notice them because they are most certainly going to be eating. Download these instantly. Contact us if you need a different color or wording.

Fun Dinosaur Food Signs you can download instantly
Fun Dinosaur Food Signs you can download instantly

17. Cupcake Toppers

I have to say, I adore how these cupcake toppers turned out. I couldn’t resist keeping the same “bite” theme going. The dinos themselves turned out to be super cute as well.

Cupcake Toppers you can print at home
Cupcake Toppers you can print at home

18. Table Cloth

Dinosaur Table Cloth
Dinosaur Table Cloth

After the Party

Once the awesome dinosaur birthday party is over, you’ll need to say thank you. Do this with favors, stickers, and thank you cards below. Check dollar tree and target for cheap favors.

19. Favors

You can’t have a party without favors! Thank guests and send them home with a treat.

Find Dinosaur Party Favors at Target
Find Dinosaur Party Favors at Target

20. Stickers

I love adding a personalized touch to the party favors. Get personalized stickers to add to treat bags, envelopes, and more.

Dinosaur Thank You Stickers
Dinosaur Thank You Stickers you can customize online

21. Thank You Card

Let’s bring back sending thank you cards for birthday parties. I know it’s more work for mom and dad, but really, it’s worth it. 

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