Cozy Christmas Decor You Can Make with Printables

Cozy Christmas Decor

It’s official, Halloween is over, so that means (in this house) it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. No, I’m not putting up the tree yet. However, I am making Christmas crafts and starting to plan cozy Christmas decor.

Cozy Christmas Decor

If you follow the blog at all, you know I’m a big fan of Zazzle, especially at the holidays. Winter time is the perfect time for all things cozy. Therefore, today I’m sharing 20 cozy Christmas decor items you need this winter. From pillows to blankets to mugs for hot cocoa you’ll find it all.

Plus, with Zazzle, you can customize each of the designs to make it unique. If you want to make other products but like my designs, then be sure to sign up for the Printables Club. You can download thousands of printables for as little as $9/month.


First up, there’s nothing more cozy than a good pillow so we can’t talk cozy Chris decor without first talking pillows. 

Christmas Pillows
Christmas Pillows

Snowman | Reindeer Wishes | Santa Wishes | Reindeer


Another perfect cozy winter item is the blanket. Zazzle has a couple of options for blankets and I personally like both.

Cozy Christmas Blankets
Cozy Christmas Blankets

Oh What Fun | Christmas Trees


To me, cozy means snuggled up with a blanket and hot chocolate. You can’t have hot chocolate without an adorable mug, so shop these below for that perfect winter day.

Fun Christmas Mugs for the Holidays
Fun Christmas Mugs for the Holidays

Bath Decor

Next up, what’s more cozy than a hot bath?! Add a little Christmas decor to your bathroom with this fun decor.

Christmas Tree Bath Curtain
Christmas Tree Bath Curtain


Zazzle doesn’t just have home decor, but they have clothing too. So get cozy with the long sleeved shirts this winter, or shop for you kids.

Baby Christmas Clothing
Baby Christmas Clothing

Adult Jingle all the Way | Kid’s Candy Cane Cutie | Baby’s Little Miss Snow Cute | Baby’s Little Mister Snow Cute | Kid’s Little Mister Snow Cute | Kid’s Little Miss Snow Cute

Stuffed Animals

Finally, I  may be a grown-ass woman but I still love a good stuffed animal. And how cute are these bears?! They look super cozy.

Kid's Christmas toy
Kid’s Christmas toy

Little Miss Snow Cute | Little Mister Snow Cute

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