Cheap Birthday Party Ideas You Can Make with Printables

cheap birthday ideas with birthday balloons

Birthday parties are expensive these days but they don’t have to be! These cheap birthday party ideas are perfect for staying on a budget and having a cute and fun party.

Whenever you are planning a party of any kind, it’s a good idea to start with the invite. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

Why start with the invite? Because it is the basis of everything you will do. It will force you to figure out your time (which will influence food), date, location, color scheme, etc.

However, did you know there’s another reason to start with the invite and it’s one that will save you so much time and money?

You can repurpose it for decorations, party supplies, and more. Don’t worry, I’m going to show you how. If you don’t want to re-purpose the invite, use printables! Printables are a cost-effective way to have an adorable party. Sign up for The Printables Club for all the printables you’ll ever need.

Cheap Birthday Party Ideas By Re-purposing the Invite

I’ve got five football party invites that I’ll show you first, then I’m going to show you how I used each one to repurpose it into a party supply, game, or decoration. Yes, using the invitation.

Each of these can be done by printing your invitation smaller or larger. If you need help I have a tutorial in this post about resizing a PDF when printing it.

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re-purpose your party invite into party supplies for cheap birthday party ideas

Football Invites

Football season is upon us, and therefore I want to share ideas for football invites.  There are so many options out there for football invites, and they are all too adorable.

I love college football, I could take or leave the Pros, but my love of Texas A&M runs deep and has inspired these designs below.

Let’s check them out and how you can use them for more than just an invite.


First up is the classic photo option.  Whenever I design new birthday invites, I always try to allow for a photo to be added if the customer prefers.

Re-Use the Photo

This one is almost too much of a no-brainer but I’m starting you off easy. Re-purpose that photo! Use it everywhere. You can even just take the photo from the invite by cutting the invite in half. Chance are though, you’ve got it saved already so use it!

One of my favorite ways to use photos for decorations is for cupcake toppers. Check them out below.

photo cupcake toppers
Cupcake toppers made from a photo invitation


I also love this idea of making the invite football shaped.  We will be selling these invites complete come September 1, but for now, you can purchase the digital file with the shape.  The only issue with invites such as these, is they end up costing a bit more than the standard rectangle or square.

Make a Banner with the Footballs

I love fun-shaped anything. If you took the football invite and simply made banners out of it, no one would even know it’s the invitation. Re-use that fun shape.

People will know it’s a football from a distance and not even feel the need to look closely at it. And if they do? Well they should be proud of you for re-purposing it!

Check what I mean below.

football party decor
Create your decor by printing your email more than once.


I can’t make new designs without doing a rustic one.  Rustic is my favorite, it’s probably a Texas-girl thing, but nonetheless, there’s always a rustic option with my designs.

Make Tags out of the Football

For this one, I took the football, cut it out and made into a tag. Because it’s so big, I can trim it up and make it the right shape again.

You can see what I mean below.

football tags
Make football tags from a party invite

Ticket Shaped

Aside from rustic and chalkboard, my favorite design to make is invites in different shapes.  However, doing something like the football shape can be costly.  Therefore, I love this idea of a ticket shaped invite.

Create a Game with the Tear-Off Portion of the Ticket

When ordering this invite, get it customized to have a diaper raffle in the “tear-off” portion. Boom, game done.

Have people bring back the torn off ticket along with their diapers and you’ve got a game without having to send separate tickets.

Check it out below.

football invite with tear off diaper raffle
Use the invite for a game as well.

Football Field

Next up is the idea of using the football field as a background.  It’s so simple to create and can easily be printed any size.

Make Stickers from the Football Graphic

Whenever you have a graphic in an invitation, you can always cut them out! I made stickers from the football in this invite.

Just print as many as you need (or use a copier) and cut them out, then make stickers. See what I mean below. I used them for the envelopes.

football invite with tear off diaper raffle
Use the invite for a game as well. Repurpose the football into a sticker.

Old School

The next design is an “old school” or retro type design. I made this invite with the idea that it would be used for a 40, 50, 60, or more birthday.  

The thought is that whoever is celebrating their birthday was really into college football but it’s been a few years since actually being in college. Of course, you could use it for any age.

Make a Sign out of the Saying

The best part about this invite is the saying, right? It’s the whole basis of it. So enlarge the invite, print the whole thing, then cut the top portion off. Boom, sign. Done and done. See how I did it below.

football party decor
Create your decor by printing your email more than once.

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