Everything You Need to Host a Book Themed Party for the New Mom

host a book themed baby shower

So you’re going to host a baby shower? It can seem pretty overwhelming that’s for sure, but really, you only need a few items to make it special for the mom to be. Lucky for you, I’ve got your list of items you’ll need to host a book themed party for the mom and dad to be.

But first, the theme. Why a book theme? Here’s why. It’s become so common these days to have guests bring books for the baby so why not make it a whole theme? It’s a perfect gender neutral baby shower theme as well.

Even though these ideas are made for a baby shower, there’s no reason you can’t use the same designs for any book themed party. Make it a book themed graduation, birthday, or anything else. Using printables from The Printables Club allows you the flexibility to create exactly what you want.

How to Find Book Theme Party Designs

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Download Printable Baby Shower Designs

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how to host a book themed baby shower

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Items to Host a Book Themed Party

If you’re a book-lover like me, you’re going to love today’s book-themed baby shower idea. I love keeping the theme going from invite to thank you cards and books are just wonderful.  They can be used for a boy or a girl and you can start a library for the new little one that they’ll cherish forever.

Book Themed Baby Shower Invitations

With the book theme, there are so many options for custom invites. You can use a book shelf, a book image, a library card or even a bookmark. My personal favorite is the bookmark, but find other ideas in my shop. I also love the storybook route as well. You can combine the owls with the books to make it a “once upon a time” theme.

Book baby shower invitation ideas
Book baby shower invitation ideas


Baby games add a lot to a shower, and my favorite is wish cards for the new baby. Access over 30 baby shower games in The Printables Club.

For my games here, I used notebook paper as the background. I wanted to give the guests lines to write on, but I also wanted to keep the theme going.

You can also order printed designs of games such as the diaper raffle, Baby Bingo, and of course, don’t forget the “Bring a Book” cards. If you want to print those yourself, sign up for the Journey Junkies club, they’re on the freebies page.

Another awesome idea for the book baby shower is the ABC Book.  This was a new one to me, but I quickly fell in love with it and plan to make more in different themes. Have the guests at the shower draw pictures for each letter of the alphabet.  

Then bind all the pages together and the baby can learn their ABCs with personal photos. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an artist for this.  Use a template that’s shown in the download, and tell the guests to keep it simple.

All the games you need to host a book themed baby shower.
All the games you need to host a book themed baby shower.


One thing I love about this theme is the fact that you can decorate with books! No, I’m not saying cut them up. What I am suggesting is setting them around for decor.

Additionally, Let people know they are in the right place with a sign on the door (available in The Print Shop) and use the alphabet banner (available in The Printables Club) to spell out any message you’d like.

Book Themed Baby Shower Decor
Book Themed Baby Shower Decor

Mom Badge

One thing I really love at a baby shower is to give the mom to be something to wear at the party. That’s where these buttons come into play. Personalize them how you need.

Storybook baby shower button for the mom to be.
Storybook baby shower button for the mom to be.


Now that you’ve got everything taken care of for the party, it’s time to say thank you to all the guests. I love the idea of bookmark favors. Give them as is, add some ribbon, or attach them to another favor as a tag. Anyway you do it, it’s sure to be adorable.

Bookmark party favors
Bookmark party favors

Thank You Cards

Finally, after the party is over the mom to be will be sending out thank you cards to her guests for their gifts. Make it easy on her and get pre-printed cards that match the theme. Then you can have the guests put their addresses on the envelopes. All my printed cards come with envelopes in any color.

Baby shower thank you cards in book theme
Baby shower thank you cards in book theme

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