Adorable Facts You’ll Love about Mother’s Day & Mom

facts about mother's day

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year but how much do you know about the holiday? Many years ago I was working at Disney world where I met my now good friend Amy from England.

Amy and I were in line for a ride one day (because yes, you still have to wait in line even if you work there), and we discovered that Mother’s day was on different days in the states vs. England. At the time, this blew my mind.

Now, being that I didn’t know this little fact, I decided to research a little more and found out some pretty adorable facts about Mother’s Day and Moms in general.

adorable mother's day facts

Adorable Mother’s Day Facts


How it Started

Mother’s Day was started by Ann Jarvis following the Civil War. She was actually looking for a way to have women on both sides of the war come together. It was established as “Mother’s Friendship Day”

Who’s the Busiest?

Restaurants have their busiest day of the year on Mother’s Day. This means you should make a booking if you plan to eat out! Salons and spas also get a major boost.

Phone Calls

More calls are said to happen on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.

Where “Mom” comes from.

This last fact is my absolute favorite. It turns out that it comes from babies themselves. The first word that babies are able to vocalize is the “ma” sound that’s why almost every language has the word for Mom starting with the letter “m”. Adorable, right?

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching if you’re one to leave things to the last minute, then you need today’s post. Here’s 9 mother’s day cards you can download instantly in The Printables Club.

9 Mother’s Day Cards

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Mother’s Day Card Bundle available seasonally in The Printables Club


First up is the classic “happy mother’s day”. Simple and to the point, and she’s guaranteed to love it.

From the Husband

This next design is for the dad of the family. Husbands, get your wife a Mother’s day card, it’s rude not to do so. Yes, she’s not your mom, but she does care for your kids every single day.

From the Kids

Let’s be honest, most of these designs are from the kids, it’s mother’s day after all. However, this card is from all the kids. One mom is sure to love.


I personally love funny cards. They’re sweet without being too serious and who doesn’t love that.

Like a Mom

If you have someone in your life that’s not technically your mom but is definitely special to you, then this card is for you. Give your “like a mom” a card this Mother’s day.

Mother's Day Card for the woman who's "like a mom".
Mother’s Day Card for the woman who’s “like a mom” available seasonally in The Printables Club


She raised your husband, so she deserves some love too. Give this next card to your mother-in-law.

Mother-in-law card for Mother's Day
Mother-in-law card for Mother’s Day available seasonally in The Printables Club


Expecting your first child is a super exciting time and celebrating mother’s day during that time can be very special. So, if you know a mom-to-be or you’re married to one, celebrate her this weekend.

Mom-to-be Mother's Day Card
Mom-to-be Mother’s Day Card available seasonally in The Printables Club

New Mom

The first Mother’s day as a new mom is a very special time and definitely needs to be celebrated. Don’t forget the new mom this Mother’s day.

Mother's day card for the new mom
Mother’s day card for the new mom available seasonally in The Printables Club


Finally, the last card is for all you sentimental ones out there. Get mushy-gushy this holiday and tell mom how special she is with the card below.

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