5 Easy Ways to a Play Candy Heart Game this Valentine’s Day

candy heart games

Have you ever wonder how some moms just seem to be AHEAD on every class party/holiday/celebration there is? They have help! And you can too. Use The Printables Club to get printable games, activities, gifts, cards, and more whenever you need them, immediately. Today I want to show you how to use my candy heart game from The Club in 5 different ways. One thing I love doing with the packs is including multiple ways you can play in order to adjust it to your kid’s age(s).

Candy Heart Game: Five Ways to Play

1. Match by Color

This is perfect for kids just learning their colors. You can have them say the colors while they match them as well.

2. Match by Words

This is perfect for kids learning to read! Match by words or get actual candy hearts and match those to the paper heart words as well.

3. By Memory

A great way to make this harder is to do it by memory. Older kids love to race and see how fast they can get the matches. And, you can do this by color or words so really it’s two in one.

Multiple ways to play with paper hearts included in the activity pack for Valentine’s Day.

4. Play the Stacking Game

Now for this one, you’ll need to get some of those candy hearts. Kids can stack them by color or words on top of the paper hearts. See who can make the biggest tower and in the fastest time.

candy heart game
Stack the candy hearts for a fun game.

5. Make them into a Puzzle

For this last one, get out the scissors. Cut the hearts down the middle in different patterns and have kids match them up based on how they are cut. For older kids, cut them into more pieces to make it harder.

make paper hearts into a puzzle
Make paper heart game into a puzzle buy cutting them in fun pieces

Download the Candy Heart Game

Head to The Printables Club to download the candy hearts and start playing. They are available seasonally along with 1000s of more printables for celebrating everything

candy heart game on white background
Valentine’s Candy Heart Game

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