All the Bachelorette Party Themes You’ll Ever Need

Bachelorette Party Themes

Stuck for ideas on bachelorette party themes? Sometimes there can actually be too many ideas. Do you need bachelorette themes? Need? No. Want? I think you should. Stay with me here.

Bachelorette themes give you a focus. It doesn’t have to be cheesy. Believe it or not, a theme can help you decide on food, decorations, and more. It can even help you pick a time of day to start it. 

Whether you want to keep it classy, trashy, sporty or frilly, there’s something for everyone when it comes to bachelorette themes these days. I’ve collected some of my favorites below so I’m never short of great ideas. Check out the list below and let me know what I’ve forgotten in the comments.

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40 Bachelorette Themes to Plan the Perfect Girls Night

1. Last Fling

Keep it simple and classic, throw her a last fling before the ring. I did this for my sister’s bachelorette party because she had a massive engagement ring. I wanted to focus on all that bling!

2. Champagne

Drink that champagne and dance on the tables!

3. Nautical

Do you know a bride-to-be who loves to sail? Plan a “Last Sail Before the Veil”. Use nautical decor and sailing phrases to give your “Captain Bride” a great night out.

4. Baseball

One of my more popular items is the baseball themed bachelorette items. I love this idea of throwing a “Last Swing Before the Ring” by going to a baseball game.  Or, just make it a themed party, you don’t even have to go to a game, if your bride loves baseball, then go for it. P

5. Lingerie

Who doesn’t love a good lingerie party? Every bride needs something special for the wedding night and honeymoon so why not stick with the lingerie theme throughout the whole party?!

6. Zebra

This is another classic theme idea, but sometimes the classics are great. Stick with the black and white zebra print and throw in your brides favorite color as well. Whether it’s pink, teal, red, what have you, it goes with zebra print.

7. Fiesta

I love Mexican food! I know, a bit off-topic but stick with me here.  Plan a fiesta, complete with chips and salsa, fajitas, margaritas, queso, guacamole, you get the idea.

8. Luau

If you’re planing your party in summer, then a luau theme can be an awesome choice. Or, does your bride love Hawaii? Then, again, awesome choice.

9. Casino

Go to Vegas! Or bring Vegas to you. One of my new favorite designs are these card-shaped bachelorette invites. I sell only digital ones right now, but I plan to start selling the printed and cut ones soon so stay tuned.

10. Boots & Bling

So maybe your bride loves the country. Is she wearing her boots with her wedding dress? Then plan a night at the local honky-tonk and throw her a real hootenanny.

11. Movie

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Plus, you can either make this them general movie, or a specific movie. Throw a Clueless party, or The Breakfast Club, Great Gatsby, the possibilities are endless. Get your best girls over and watch movie after movie after movie. This is what my friends and I always did back in elementary school during sleep overs. I can’t get enough movies. So if your bride loves movies like I do, then make it a blockbuster night (did that just date me?).

12. Martini

Personally, I don’t like martinis, but the shape of the glass can make for a fun invite. Plus, if you’re bride is really into “classy”, then martinis can be a great answer.

13. Scavenger Hunt

One of my friends once threw me a surprise birthday party where we did a scavenger hunt around my parent’s neighborhood. Now, I lived in a tiny town where everyone knew each other, so basically, the whole neighborhood was in on it.  It was great fun. Split up in teams and make a list of items to take a picture of, then give a prize to winners.

14. Slumber Party

When I got married, I made my sister make my bridal shower a pajama party. I just love my pajamas.  Part of the reason I work for myself is because the dress code is barefoot with jammies.

15. Wine Tasting

Yumm…. wine. Go wine tasting, or if that’s not in the budget or near you, have everyone bring over their favorite bottle of wine. Make your own tasting, then have the bride guess who brought each bottle.

16. Fitness

I keep seeing this pop up more and more with the bachelorette invite orders I receive. From pole dancing to yoga, fitness can be fun… no really. Make it all about fitness or just pop into a fitness class so you can over do the margaritas later that night.

17. Tea Party

Maybe your bride is SUPER classy? If so, a tea party can be a great idea.  One of my friends had a bridal tea and we all wore large hats to celebrate, it was adorable.

18. Bucket List

Make a list of items the bride needs to accomplish before she walks down the aisle, and check them off! Skydiving? Check.

19. Photo Party

Contact your bride’s wedding photographer and have them do a photo shoot of the bride with her best girls. They will be photos she’ll treasure forever.

20. Dance Party

Dance, dance, dance the night away.

21. Ski Bunny

If you live near ski slopes and it’s winter, go skiing!

22. Great Gatsby

Another classy choice.

23. Shopping

Maybe there’s some last-minute items the bride needs for the wedding, the honeymoon, or just in general? Take her shopping. It can be fun to get outfits for the honeymoon or even bridal showers (if they haven’t already happened).

24. Camping

Sleep outside under the stars with your best girls.  Or pitch a tent in the living room.  I remember doing this all the time as a child and, you know, last week too. Go outside or keep it indoors, who says you have to love the great outdoors to camp?

25. Cooking Class

I hate cooking, BUT, I hear that some people like it. It’s hard for me to believe, but if your bride loves to cook, then take her to a cooking class. Another idea you can incorporate is to have the guests all bring a recipe for the bride. You could even have a cooking night and make the recipes that each guest brings.

26. Psychic

Find out what’s going to happen AFTER she gets married! Go to a psychic or have one come to you.

27. Road Trip

How awesome are road trips?! Awesome, that’s how. If time is your friend, then hit the road and take your bride to her favorite place and make it count with the journey there.

28. Mardi Gras

Okay so maybe you don’t live near New Orleans, but you could bring New Orleans to you. Make a Mardi Gras theme.

29. Travel

We all know I love to travel. Like love, love, love, love it. A friend of mine gave me a travel shower and everyone gave me gifts for traveling and it was amazing. I loved it. You could definitely do that for a bachelorette party as well. Plus, give her honeymoon items to spice it up!

30. Barbecue

I’m a Texas girl through and through and one thing I really missed while living down under was good Texas Barbecue. If your bride feels the same way then order up some barbecue!

31. Tiffany’s

Yup, another classy one.

32. Parisian

Paris is always a good idea.

33. She’s a Gem

I think this is an adorable idea. You could make it a specific “gem” as well.  Tell her she’s a diamond in the rough, or a pearl, or an emerald… see it really works in so many ways.

34. Let’s Flamingle

Similar to a luau, but a bit more specific.  Bring in the flamingos! Make a pool party or just an outdoor soirée.

35. Picnic

This is an adorable idea and could be so simple. Just get some blankets and food and you’re all set. If your bride loves the outdoors but not so much the pool, this can be a fun alternative.

36. Pool Party

Super easy-done! One of my best friend’s bachelorette parties was a pool party and we had such a great time. We made it a weekend party and simply lapped up the sunshine and pina coladas.

37. Spa

Hit the spa and pamper the bride-to-be!

38. Art

At my bachelorette party we went to Painting with a Twist where they walk you through painting a picture and the best part? You drink wine during it. The “art” part of my party stopped there, but you could keep it going if your bride is super artsy!

39. Jungle

This idea can be great if your bride loves cheetah print instead of the zebra. Give her a “Last Rumble in the Jungle”.  Go all out with the jungle theme and have the guests wear animal prints.

40. All that Glitters

The last idea I want to share is simple, but could be great.  If your bride loves glitter, make everything glitter! Make the decor glitter, make the invite glitter, hell, make the bride glitter. Although, keep in mind, glitter is a pain in the ass to clean up! 🙂

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