3 Easy Ways to Make Tags from Any Printable

Christmas tags are one of those things that when you run out, it’s annoying. Or, you know you bought some but where the heck are they?

That’s why I’m showing you 3 simple ways to use any printable and make it into a gift tag.

how to use printables for tags

Print Them Smaller

The first and easiest way to make tags from any printable is to simply print the design smaller. I show you how in the video below. This can be done without having to do any actual re-sizing of the file. Just choose to print more per page and your computer will do the rest.

How to print 5×7 inch cards smaller to make into gift tags

Use Holiday Cards

Just because it’s not in the shape of a tag doesn’t mean it can’t be a tag. Use spare holiday cards to make fun gift tags. Just cut out and attach. This works best when the card has a fun holiday pattern that you can use. The best part is you can cut them however you want.

The other option is to print your holiday cards smaller (like the video above) and attach the entire card. No need to cut in a fun shape, just make it rectangle.

Use a Fun Punch

For this last idea, you will need to get out a craft tool or head to your nearest store for one. Get a tag-shaped punch and use it on any printable. You can use this tool on larger printables such as those 8×10 designs made for the wall. Just punch them out into the shape of a tag and wa-la!

You can also use a circle punch for this too. Remember, tags come in all shapes and sizes so it’s time to really get creative. There are so many different types of punches you can find.

punch out tags
Make tags from printables using fun punches

Where to find Printables

Access these printables used in the tutorial and more in the Printables Club.

One thing I want you to know about this club, it’s designed to make your life easier, not to add to your to do list.

Inside are 1000s of printables that you can use online, print at home, and more, for as little as $9/month. I’m going to show you how.

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