10 Super Easy Fall Crafts You Can Make with Printables

It’s hard to believe but fall is just around the corner. It’s still 100+ here in Texas so it’s not going to feel like fall anytime soon. However, it’s definitely the time of year I start making fall crafts. There’s a wide range of fall crafts I’ve got going this year from home decor to gifts, entertaining, and just for fun, you’ll find it all.

I’m sharing 50 printable designs today and 10 super easy fall crafts you can make with them.

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10 Fall Crafts

For the Home

First up is for the home. I love decorating the entrance way and the mantel (for me it’s a bookshelf, but still) for fall. These signs and banners below are perfect for welcoming fall and friends into your home this season.

1. Cute Penants

I love putting these in flower pots and vases around the house. They are just a super simple craft that adds a little touch of fall.

2. Quotes that Just Feel Like Fall

You know those cute quotes you see about fall? Print them out and make them into decor. Put them in frames you already have and store them behind the regular photos during the year.

3. Fun Banners

Banners are always fun to make. You just need paper and some ribbon.

For Gifts

Next, you may have a few special people in your life you want to show you’re thankful for and these designs are just for that. Give a card, a bottle of wine or any other gift with these designs below.

4. Thanksgiving Cards

Don’t want to send Christmas Cards? Send Thanksgiving cards instead!

5. Make Wine Bottle Labels

Use the wine bottle labels to “boo” your neighbors with wine or bring a hostess gift to thanksgiving.

6. Dress Up a Teacher’s Gift

Add a Tag to a gift bag to make a cute Teacher’s Gift!

For Entertaining

If you’re hosting thanksgiving, a Halloween party or any other fall celebration this season, then this section is for you. I’ve created stickers and place cards perfect for fall entertaining.

7. Stickers

Make stickers from printable graphics for Halloween Boo Baskets, trick or treat bags, Thanksgiving hostess gifts and more.

8. Place Cards

Place cards are a really easy craft. Just print, cut, and use. Place them on everyone’s plate for thanksgiving and they’ll be touched by the cute-ness.

For Fun

Finally, once you’re done decorating, gifting, and entertaining, it’s time to have some fun. If you’re a child or a child-at-heart then download our bucket lists and games for fall.

9. Bucket Lists

I Love a good list of things to do for the season. Make cute bucket lists with printable graphics.

10. Games

You can pretty much turn any printable into a game if you think about it. Use graphics for a matching game. Cut up a sign to make a puzzle, and more. Don’t want to make your own games? Get our activity pack that comes complete with ready-to-play games!

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Don’t Want to DIY it?

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