Yoga Room Decor to Create the Perfect Zen Space

Yoga room decor

We’re closing on a house soon and it’s just too exciting. It’s our first house so it’s also a bit overwhelming. However, it’s definitely fun thinking about what we could do with all those rooms. We’ve decide to make one room into a yoga space and lately I’ve been making yoga room decor.

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Yoga Room Decor

Honest Yoga

First up is honest yoga room decor. If you’re into yoga then you know it’s not just a workout, it’s more than that. Yoga does wonders for my mental state and there are plenty of times I need to remember to let things go. These printable designs below will remind you of the mental state of yoga.

Honest Yoga Room Decor

About the Breath

Probably the most important part of yoga is the breath. Sometimes it’s okay if the only thing you do is inhale and exhale and this design will help you remember that.

Breathing Yoga Room Decor

About the Chakras

In all honesty I don’t know a lot about the chakras but it’s definitely a goal to learn more. I love it when I go to a yoga class and the teacher incorporates the chakras. My plan is to really incorporate them into my home practice more and learn how they each work within us. This design was made to remind me of that.

Yoga Room Decor with the Chakras

Moon Cycles

Another aspect of yoga is understanding the moon and how it can affect you, your mood, your behavior, etc. It took me a long time to realize that the moon is powerful. It’s also a good reminder that wherever you are in life, whatever stage you’re in, you’re where you’re supposed to be.

Moon Cycles Decor

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