Why Gift Cards are Great Gifts & How to Make them Meaningful

how to make gift card holders from printables

Gift cards get a bad rap. And I don’t think it’s fair. Gift cards and money can be a very meaningful gift.

Personally, I prefer the gift card. Why? Because if I’m given money, I’ll most likely not spend it on something fun. If you give me a gift card to a place I love, I’m able to feel good about spending it on myself.

There’s probably some deep issue there, but that’s not the point. The point is, gift cards can be meaningful. And you can make them meaningful by adding a printable.

how to make gift card holders from printables

Today, I’m showing you three easy ways to make cute gift card holders. The best part is that no one else will have them. I’m also sharing how giving an experience can also be made more meaningful and fun for the recipient.

I always give the kids in my life an experience. Why? Because they have enough toys from the grandparents and others.

However, I do know the reality of giving kids a piece of paper. They may be a bit disappointed when opening it. That’s why I like to pair it with a printable. Today I’m sharing those printables.

Printable Gift Card or Money Holders

First up, the gift cards. These are Christmas themed: a stocking, present, and a coffee cup. I love these because the person doesn’t know right away that it’s a gift card or money holder.

When you get the ones at the store, everyone has seen them so many times that they know exactly what it is. Check the video below for how to make it and download the printables in the Make it Meaningful Club.

How to Give Experiences

Now the other side of this is gifting experiences. There was this one time when I gave my nephew a season pass to a waterpark but he had never been, so he was pretty bummed when he opened the gift and it had just paper. So, the next time I gave him an experience, I made it into a game.

Now, I don’t do this for every experience I give but I do try to make something to go with it. This is just an easy way to make it a little more meaningful.

Here’s two designs you can download in the Make it Meaningful Printables Club.

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