What is a Good Birthday Theme? Here’s 100 Ideas You’ll Love (Part 1)

bday themes for babies, kids, and adults

Do you ever get so overwhelmed with ideas that you can’t think of even one of them? It’s kind of the same as when you’re “too tired to sleep”.

Am I the only one that’s ever felt this? Let me tell you, sometimes there are so many ideas in my head that I can’t even think of one to start with. That’s basically how I feel about birthday themes.

I love them, yet when someone asks me for ideas for them, I go blank because there are just so many. Which is great, but I’m list girl.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 100 birthday themes. So never again will you have to be stuck for ideas. Unless of course, you live past 100.

Discover 100 birthday themes for kids, babies, and adults. You'll never be stuck for ideas again.

Since this post is covering so many different themes, I decided mid-writing to make it into three posts. You’ll get the first 50 here, and stay tuned for the next 50 coming in the next few weeks!

Why Birthday Themes?

Birthday party themes are all over the place. Plus, Birthdays are awesome. What’s better than a day to celebrate you?! 🙂 I also love this trend of themed birthdays, especially for kids. Thus, I put together a list of 100 Birthday Themes so I’m never short on them.  When you’re done reading, let me know in the comments what themes I’ve forgotten! Then, download the set of four free milestone birthday cards on the Journey Junkies page.

Why No T.V. Characters?

Here’s the deal on t.v. characters, they have a trademark for them. They are not mine, and most likely, those shops on Etsy that sell Mickey Mouse invites, etc, do not have the rights to them. Some people just don’t care, but I do. One, I don’t want to be sued, but also, I didn’t create them, they aren’t my characters, so I don’t use them. So, no, you won’t find those below. I don’t believe you should  purchase designs including these characters from shops who do not have the rights to sell it. It basically promotes stealing. That may be an unpopular opinion, but that’s just the truth. I do have a few themes below that work around this, so check those out.

100 Ideas + Invites

Not only am I compiling a list of birthday themes, I’ve designed at least one invitation for each theme. If you find one you like, I can create an entire package based on that theme as well. Or, I might just already have one!

1. Cowboy or Cowgirl

This first one is a personal favorite of mine. The cowboy or girl theme is fun for so many ages too and it’s not just for birthdays. I did this theme for my sister’s baby shower as well.

2. Superhero

Specific superhero characters are trademarked, but the general superhero theme is not.

3. Baseball

Baseball is always a good idea and the invite below is one I’ve sold many times but if you’re looking for more ideas check out these 5 baseball party invites.

4. Travel

Travel is definitely a passion of mine, that’s why I think a travel themed party is a great idea. It’s perfect for adults too.

5. Camping

If you love to travel, but more specifically, camp. Then this one is for you. I’ve got other camping birthday ideas as well if you need more ideas.

6. Fishing

Fishing can make for a “reel” fun party. Get it?

7. Picnic

I love the outdoors and any excuse to be there. That’s why I love this picnic theme idea.

8. Under the Sea/Mermaid

I love the under the sea or mermaid party. This fun invite is a personal favorite. Whenever I can make something  fun-shaped, I’m in.

9. Circus

One of my nephews first birthday party was a circus theme and it was too cute. I actually missed it because we were living abroad at the time, but that didn’t stop me from being able to design all the fun things for it.

10. Love Bug

Now one of my nieces had a love bug first birthday and this one I did get to go to. If you’re looking for more love bug birthday party ideas, this post has everything you need. I loved this theme for my niece because she was born in late January and it has a perfect valentine’s theme without being actually valentine’s.

11. Safari

The safari theme is perfect if you love animals. You could even hit up an actual safari.

12. Farm Animals

Farm animals are just cute.

13. Bow Tie

I love the bow tie theme for a “little man” party but I also love the idea of a “gentleman’s party” for adults.

14. Nautical

A nautical theme is one that converts well to other parties as well. Have a nautical themed bachelorette party or keep it a birthday. Nautical sayings are also too fun and perfect for a birthday.

15. Sunshine

The sunshine theme is one that I love for summertime. It’s a great pool party idea. Sunshine birthday ideas are so bright and happy too.

16. Tea Party

A birthday par-tea is another fun little pun. However, you can also do a bachelorette tea party. If you’re looking to make your own designs for a tea party, check the Journey Junkies page, there’s free backgrounds to download!

17. Monster

The monster idea is another way around the t.v. characters. Make it general monster themed. One of my best friends did this theme for her little one’s first birthday and it was so cute I had to blog about it. Check out these three keepsakes for a monster birthday. They are perfect for any first birthday.

18. Building Blocks

Yet another way around trademarks is to use general building blocks instead.

19. Glow in the Dark

This glow in the dark themed party was a new one to me but one I really love. I want to have a glow in the dark party now!

20. Race car

Zoom, zoom! Plan a race car birthday!

21. Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies is a cute one if your kiddo loves cookies. Serve them instead of cake, or better yet, get a cookie cake!

22. Queen of Hearts

When I created the Queen of Hearts invite it was with a Valentine’s themed birthday party in mind, but really, use it anytime!

23. Wanted

This theme can be fun and with a wild west sort of feel too.

24. Painting

I love the idea of an painting party. You can hit up a painting store.

25. Arts & Crafts

Now, if you like the art idea, but want to make it a little more general, this is perfect.

26. Pajamas

Having a slumber party? Why not start with the pajamas?! Also, this theme is fun for anything. I had a pajama party bridal shower.

27. Gift

What’s a birthday without gifts? Plus, if you’re planning for a kiddo that is a gift to you, then go for it.

28. Ice Cream

Personally, I think ice cream is perfect all year around, but summer probably the best time for it.

29. Hot Air Balloon

I absolutely love hot air balloons. If you’ve never been in one, you should! You just float, it’s rather peaceful. And a cute birthday theme for sure.

30. Train

Choo, choo, look who’s two! Or use the train theme for another age as well.

31. Ballet

Is there a ballerina in your life? Then show your support with a ballet themed birthday.

32. Cats

I love cats. Yup, it’s true, I am a crazy cat lady. So I couldn’t design 100 invites without a cat theme.

33. Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are very in right now. No really, kids seem to love them wherever I go. It’s a fun theme, that’s for sure. I love this invite because I got to design it with a “bite” out. Dinosaurs are so “in” that I’ve made everything you need for a dinosaur birthday party post, if you need more ideas.

34. Puppies

Puppies are always cute right?

35. Airplane

Another version of a travel invite is to do airplane specific.

36. Football

Another fun idea is basically any kind of sport. These football designs are perfect for any age birthday party.

37. Monkeys

I’ve actually designed quite a few different animal-shaped invites. Monkeys are just one of them, but they’re fun!

38. Swimming/Pool

There have been several themes that could work for a pool party but this one is definitely made for swimming.

39. Elephants

This is another one of those fun-shaped animal invites. If you know someone who loves elephants, then thins theme is perfect.

40. Paris

I mean Paris is always a good idea, right?

41. Spa

A spa day is a super fun way to have a birthday. Bring the spa to your home or go out to one.

42. Movie

Lights, camera, birthday! Have a movie themed party.

43. Hawaiian

The hawaiian theme can be done in so many ways. Have a luau, or a pool party, or party with flamingos.

44. Two Peas in a Pod (perfect for twins!)

I absolutely love this theme for twins. The two peas in a pod would be great for any co-birthday party.

45. Rockstar

I did a rockstar invite for a client a while back for a 21st birthday and loved it. Hit up a karaoke bar to make it really fun.

46. Sports

If you or the birthday guest of honor loves all sports, then there’s no need to choose. Simply embrace them all.

47. Basketball

However, if you’re more into one specific sport, then there’s that option as well. So many different sports, so many different themes.

48. Lemons

I actually had a custom request once for a lemon-themed birthday invite. It turned out so cute, I had to add it to the list.

49. Fiesta

I love a good taco and margarita and a fiesta themed party is the perfect excuse for some.

50. Mustache or Libs

Finally (for now), keep it simple with just a mustache or lips invitation.

Stay Tuned!

Part two of the 100 birthday themes is up next with another birthday themed freebie too. Be sure to stay tuned and check back in the next few weeks.

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