Cute Wedding RSVP Wording that will Make Sure Your Guests Respond

RSVPs are a necessary evil for any party. Chances are, a lot of people will RSVP yes, then not come, some will not RSVP and show up, and then there’s the ones that think they’re allowed to bring 47 guests and their dog.  

However, why not make fun RSVPs for your wedding. Maybe, just maybe, more people will respond. Here’s 10 ideas for wedding RSVP wording and designs that are actually fun.

I’ve got themes, wording, and shapes. These fun RSVPs aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for something a little off-beat, then you’ve come to the right place.

Are normal RSVPs a thing of the past? If so, find new wedding rsvp wording and designs that aren't boring to give your wedding some flair!

Wedding RSVPs that Aren’t Boring

Fun Themes

The first 3 non-traditional RSVPs are all about fun themes. I’ve got classic, movie, and musical. However, you could pretty much do any theme.

1. Tear-off

First up is a classic style RSVP but you can tear it off the invite. This is great because it means you only have to send one item to your guests which cuts down on printing costs. This can be added to any of our regular-shaped invites. I create the tear-off portion for you so they come ready to mail. Plus, I’ll change the wording just a bit so it explains the process to your guests. Just find the invitation that’s right for you, choose a package with an RSVP, then request the “tear-off” RSVP when purchasing your package.

Learn how to use a tear-off RSVP card for your wedding invitations. Add this item to any of our regular shaped wedding invites.
Tear-off RSVPs make for a fun way to save a little paper!

2. Movie Themed

This next idea is for movie lovers and could work for more than a wedding. If you love movies, this one is for you. The RSVP is in the shape of clapperboard (yes, that’s what it’s called, I had to look it up!). Make your wedding hollywood glam with this fun RSVP wording.

Non traditional wedding RSVP wording and design for the movie-loving couple. RSVP comes in the shape of a clapperboard
Movie themed RSVP for the non-traditional wedding

3. Musical Themed

To be perfectly honest, I’m not a fan of the “song requests” on RSVPs. Personally, I don’t know a lot of people who would actually write a song down. However, if music really is your thing, then try this new twist on the song request. I promise, I won’t judge you and if you invite me, I will put a song down, but you probably won’t like it. Sorry.

Take the "song request" idea to the next level with this fun music themed wedding RSVP. Share your love of music right from the start.
Add a song request to your music themed RSVP card with these fun designs.

Wedding RSVP Wording that’s Unique

Another fun idea for non-traditional RSVPs is fun wording. Warning: the below are not for everyone. If your guests are not into sarcasm, you might want to walk away. Although, if you’re here and reading about these, then you probably don’t care if you’re guests don’t like it, as long as you like it.

4. Wouldn’t Miss it for the World

This next idea is near and dear to my heart which is travel themed. I made this one globe-shaped with fun travel-themed wording to match. However, it doesn’t have to be fun-shaped to be travel themed. We used this wording for our wedding, which wasn’t destination.

Globe Shaped Wedding Invite with RSVP wording themed for a destination wedding
Wouldn’t Miss it for the World RSVP

5. Brutally Honest

I have to say, I do love sarcasm and this RSVP is too fun and honest. It’s not for everyone, but it’s fun for the right couple. Be prepared that you might get a little back lash from some family and friends. Not everyone thinks it’s cute, but you have my support.

Funny RSVP wording can be tricky to use but with the right couple and the right family and friends it can be cute. Just use caution.
Funny RSVP wording for the off-beat couple

Fun Shapes

The last category is all about fun shapes.  One of my favorite things to design is an invite, RSVP, or pretty much anything else in a non-traditional shape. So, I definitely had to make a few fun shaped RSVPs.

6. Ticket-Shaped

This ticket shape invite is perfect for the destination wedding. The RSVP portion of the design is a tear-off.

Rustic Airline Ticket Wedding Invite
Rustic Airline Ticket Wedding Invite with Tear off RSVP

7. Airplane-Shaped

Another perfect destination wedding RSVP is this airplane shaped design. It comes in a booklet with the invite and a details card.

Airplane Shaped Invitation Suite | Travel Themed or Destination Wedding Invites | Printed Invites with RSVPs, Details Card, and Envelopes
Airplane Shaped Wedding invitation with matching RSVP
Planning a destination wedding and looking for unique invites and RSVPs? These wedding RSVPs have fun wording in a fun airplane shape.
Airplane shaped wedding RSVP is perfect for the destination wedding.

8. Jar-Shaped

If you know me or follow my work, you know that I love mason jars. I definitely can’t make new designs without them.

Find fun RSVPs in different shapes. The Mason jar RSVP can be made as a postcard or for an envelope.
Mason Jar Wedding RSVPs can be made as a postcard or for an envelope.

9. Tag-Shaped

This last idea is another that’s great for destination weddings, but can be adapted to any theme. You can tie it to the side of the invite as a little extra or make a booklet like the one below.

Tag Shaped Invitation Suite | Travel Themed or Destination Wedding Invites | Printed with RSVPs, Details Card, and Envelopes
Wedding invitation set with invite and RSVP in shape of a luggage Tag
Tag Shaped Invitation Suite | Travel Themed or Destination Wedding Invites | Printed with RSVPs, Details Card, and Envelopes
Wedding invitation set with invite and RSVP in shape of a luggage Tag

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