10 Hilarious Valentine's Ideas

Valentine’s Ideas

I don’t do a lot of valentine’s ideas post but this year that is changing. The next couple of post are all about valentine’s day. I’ve never really understood the hatred for this holiday. I get if you’re single it can seem a bit lonely, but it’s not about just couples. Even when I was single, I still had people in my life that I loved. This first Valentine’s post is all about the other people in your life. Yes, I’ve covered the significant other as well, but really you can give a Valentine’s card to anyone you love.

I’m sharing 10 cards you can download instantly in my shop and send to everyone you love this Valentine’s Day. Be sure to also head over to the Journey Junkies page to download a free graphic as well. If you’re not a member, you can sign up here.

10 Hilarious Ideas

1. Co-worker

First up, the co-worker.  A lot of us have that one person who makes the day go by faster. Well, I don’t because I work at home, BUT, when I did work in an office, I definitely had a work wife.

Valentine's cards co-worker
Card for the Co-Worker

2. Sister

Sisters are the best and cannot be forgotten on Valentine’s day.

Valentine's Card for Sister
Sister Card

3. Child

I love this below for kids. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I could see giving this to a nephew or niece.

Valentine's Card for Child
Child Valentine Card

4. Best Friend

You know that person who just gets it? Yeah, remind her/him on this day.

Valentine's card for best friend
Best Friend Card

5. Brother

Next up is the brother.  Personally, I don’t have a brother, but if you do don’t forget him too.

Valentine's card for brother
Card for Your brother

6. Mom

What’s better than a mom? Pretty much nothing. If you’re lucky enough to have a kick-ass mom like I do, definitely let her know.

Valentine's card for Mom
Mom Valentine’s Card

7. Dad

Dad’s are equally as awesome as moms (well mine is at least).  I know my dad likes to be reminded of how awesome he is, and personally, I like to remind him how awesome I am. That is why this card below is perfect.

Valentine's card for Dad
Dad Valentine’s Card

8. Single Friends

So maybe you have friends who do hate valentine’s day. Well, make them feel better with the card below and with a drink or two.

Valentine's card for single friends
For Your Single Friends

9. Extended Family

I just love this next card for an extended family member. Anyone who married into your life or you married into theirs, this is perfect for.

Valentine's card for extended family
Extended Family Card

10. Spouse

Finally, the spouse. I know I said Valentine’s cards are not just for spouses, but they are for spouses too. And why not make them giggle for Valentine’s?

Valentine's card for spouse
Spouse Valentine’s Card

Download a Free Valentine's Sign on the Journey Junkies Page
Download a Free Valentine’s Sign on the Journey Junkies Page


Hopefully you found some Valentine’s ideas above that will work for everyone you love. If you’re also into decorating for Valentine’s, then be sure to check out the Journey Junkies page for a free download. If you missed the link to sign up, you can find that here.

Do you send Valentine’s cards? If so, to who? Let me know in the comments, I love new ideas!

Valentine’s Ideas: 10 Hilarious Instant Download Cards for Everyone

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