Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and while this may be a controversial holiday, I happen to love it. However, I don’t always make valentine’s home decor.

Mostly because it’s right after Christmas and I’m lacking creative energy. That’s all changing this year!

Love Themed Photo Shoot

Why am I doing more Valentine decorating you might ask? Because I’m also offering Love themed photo shoots or more commonly known as Valentine Minis.

When setting up this display I realized so many of the items I used were handmade by me and thus I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to share these fun props with you all.

I love it when my designs and photos connect so seamlessly!

valentine decor for a love photo shoot

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Valentine’s Day Decorations

Each of my Valentine’s Day decorations are in fact handmade and being used in my Valentine mini sessions. I love doing this as it makes my sessions unique.

Yes, there are still a few little things from Hobby Lobby (no shame in that!) but the majority are completely one of a kind.

So without delay, let’s talk about those decorations! I’ve included the supplies below so you can make your own.

Giant Heart

This giant heart has been sitting in my house for years waiting for the perfect photo shoot.

I don’t do weddings so I hadn’t had the opportunity to use it for a photo shoot yet. I’m super excited that the time has finally come.

handmade valentine props
Valentine Set-up with handmade props

Supplies for the Giant Heart

I love wrapping things and this heart was so easy. Letters are trickier because of the sharp corners (you can find those below). I bought the heart at market years ago, but my go to for wood shapes and letters is Craftcuts. They have so many fonts, shapes, and more. I used jute to wrap mine for the rustic look.

Heart Cut out | Jute

Hanging Burlap Hearts

I’ve used these burlap hearts before for a little girl first birthday photo shoot. They are so easy to make and are great for hanging on mantels or for a backdrop.

stylized first birthday sessions
Easy hanging heart background for a love bug birthday party

Supplies for the Burlap Hearts

Buy the hearts pre-cut or just get red burlap and cut your own. Not going to lie, I went with pre-cut. 😉 Or, use any pre-cut hearts like the ones below. I love them because they come in different sizes and colors.

Hearts | Ribbon

Heart Wreath

This heart wreath is one I’ve shared before in a Valentine crafts post but it’s a popular one. Usually adorns my door. It’s so popular that I plan to do a video tutorial of me making it.

Supplies for the Heart Wreath

There are a few more supplies for this one since I layered the wreath with the arrow and letters.

Heart Wreath Frame | Red Burlap | Arrow | Jute | Love Letters | Pink Paint

Wrapped LOVE

Finally, this wrapped LOVE prop is one of my personal favorites. It can take a bit of time because the letters can be tricky to wrap and the alternating colors add another level of trickery.

However, it’s adorable, if I do say so myself. I add the wire to the top for photos when it’s in my home, but remove them to use it in photo sessions.

Supplies for Wrapped LOVE

Supplies for this are pretty simple again. Just the word, ribbon, and any accents you want to add. I love the pink flowers against the red and white but you can use anything that brings you joy.

LOVE letters | Ribbon | Flower Accents

That’s it for the Valentine’s home decor, but if you’re looking for gifts for kids, keep reading!

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Valentine’s Home Decor That Look Adorable in Love Photo Shoots
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