Valentine’s Cards: Funny Ideas for Everyone You Love

valentine's cards for everyone

Valentine’s day gets a bad rap. I I’ve never really understood the hatred for this holiday. I get if you’re single it can seem a bit lonely, but it’s not about just couples. Even when I was single, I still had people in my life that I loved.

That’s what I want to talk about. The other people in your life. Yes, I’ve covered the significant other as well, but really you can give a Valentine’s card to anyone you love.

And what’s something we all need more of? Love. And you know what else? My humor. You’re welcome.

Why Valentine’s Day Cards?

Before we get to the actual cards, let’s discuss why Valentine’s cards are even sent. I mean, it was invented by the Greeting card companies right?

Nope. Wrong

In fact, there’s a lot of misconceptions out there about this holiday, so I’m here to clear them up for you.

Valentine’s Day was not invented by the Greeting card companies. Let’s get that straight right now. However, over commercialization of the holiday by said companies has made us bitter. But let that go.

Here’s the truth:

In the middle of the 18th century, giving out handwritten notes and other signs of affection was a common Valentine’s Day custom in England. As printing technology improved, handwritten messages soon gave way to ready-made cards. They were easy to fill out while still feeling sincere, and low postage rates made them cheap to send. The practice reached America in the 1840s when Esther Howland, a student at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, decided she could make cards as pretty as the British ones. She started the New England Valentine Co. and made $100,000 in annual revenues, earning the title “Mother of the American Valentine.” Now, approximately 114 million cards are sent out each Valentine’s Day.

So why do I sell Valentine’s cards? To make money, yes, and don’t we all want to make a little money? If you answer anything other than yes, you are wrong. But really, I do also sell them because I do enjoy creating them for everyone, not just couples.

And, also, here’s another fun fact for you: the most common recipient of Valentine’s cards is teachers! (

Valentine’s Cards for Everyone

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move on to the cards. I’m sharing 10 cards from my shop and send to everyone you love this Valentine’s Day.

Printable Cards

If you’re looking to print cards yourself, you can download those in The Printables Club, seasonally, along with 100+ other cards for celebrating all the things. Download, print, and give.

Pre-Printed Valentine’s Cards

1. Co-worker

First up, the co-worker.  A lot of us have that one person who makes the day go by faster. Well, I don’t because I work at home, BUT, when I did work in an office, I definitely had a work wife.

2. Sister

Sisters are the best and cannot be forgotten on Valentine’s day. I like to keep it honest with mine, personally.

3. Child

I love this below for kids. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I could see giving this to a nephew or niece. I also feel like this fits with so many kids I know. 😉

4. Best Friend

You know that person who just gets it? Yeah, remind her/him on this day. Best friends are definitely someone to show love on Valentine’s Day.

5. Brother

Next up is the brother.  Personally, I don’t have a brother, but if you do, don’t forget him too. No, it’s not weird.

6. Mom

What’s better than a mom? Pretty much nothing. If you’re lucky enough to have a kick-ass mom like I do, definitely let her know.

7. Dad

Dad’s are equally as awesome as moms (well mine is at least).  I know my dad likes to be reminded of how awesome he is, and personally, I like to remind him how awesome I am. That is why this card below is perfect.

8. Single Friends

So maybe you have friends who do hate valentine’s day. Well, make them feel better with the card below and with a drink or two.

9. Extended Family

I just love this next card for an extended family member. Anyone who married into your life or you married into theirs, this is perfect for them.

10. Spouse

Finally, the spouse. I know I said Valentine’s cards are not just for spouses, but they are for spouses too. And why not make them giggle for Valentine’s?

Need a Little Free Love?

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