The Perfect Summer Party Theme You will Love

the perfect summer time party theme

Do you love summer? It’s really the perfect time to plan a party. Get outside, go swimming, do something active. And really, when I think of summer, there’s one thing that always comes to mind and that is sunshine.

I’m not going to lie to you, I love the sunshine. I love summer even when it’s 100+ outside. I’d rather be sweating than cold (I still sweat when it’s cold, so what’s the point?!). I also really love sunrises and sunsets. And it turns out, they make an adorable summer party theme.

What’s the Perfect Summer Party Theme?

Sunshine themed birthday party

When traveling, I love finding “the place” to see a sunset or sunrise. I’ve seen some amazing sunrises and sunsets in my life. This is what’s inspired the designs I’m sharing today. The lovely, glorious sun. I know she can cause cancer, but she’s also needed for life.

Yes, I’m referring to the sun as a “she”.  The sunshine makes the perfect summer party theme. It’s easy, it’s adorable, and it just fits.

Sure, there are other summertime themes that are also great, but the sunshine theme allows for so much flexibility. A sunshine themed birthday party allows you to make it a pool party, a picnic, a hiking trip, a camping trip, a road trip, or pretty much anything else that gets you outside. You don’t have to stick with one activity when it’s broad like this. 

Now that we’ve established that I love the summer and the sunshine, let’s talk about the “elephant in the room”.  The Texas heat, it’s a deal-breaker for a lot of people. I know, it gets really hot in Texas, but if you love the outdoors, then central Texas is where you want to be.

There’s toobing, swimming, waterparks, everything to cool you off.  It’s because of my love of summer that I also loved designing these sunshine products and I’m excited to share them with you.

Sunshine Birthday Designs

Here’s another moment of truth for you, if you’re going to plan a party and you don’t want to spend a lot of money but you still want it to be cute, there’s really only 3 designs you need. Yup, that’s it.

Of course, I’d prefer if you bought 40 designs, but really, I have 3 that I think every party should have. Don’t worry, I’m sharing more than 3, if you’re one of those I-love-to-decorate-and-make-it-all-amazing-people (me too).

Three Designs Every Party Should Have

So what 3 designs do I think every party should have? The invite (it can be digital!), a welcome sign, and a way to say “thank you”. Yes, that’s it. If you have those 3 items, you’re going to leave people knowing what the party’s theme was and let’s be honest, that’s kind of the point of designs, right?

You only need 3 designs for any party
Planning a party? There’s really only 3 designs you need. Stay on budget but make it cute.


The reason for an invite is sort of obvious but I also think it should be cute and on-point with something. I recently did a lemon-themed invite for a client and all she did was text out the image to friends and family. However, the fact that she chose to do a fun themed invite anyway let those friends and family know what the kiddo was into. He loves lemons and now everyone knows. It can help to give them gift ideas too. 

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Welcome Sign

If you’re having people over, please, please, put something on the door or out front that let’s them know they are in the right place. Unless everyone knows and has been to your house (or wherever the party is) before, it’s so awkward to go up to a place you’ve never been. I know there’s GPS, but still. I want to know I’m in the right place.

Download the Sunshine Welcome Sign in The Printables Club.

Downloadable sunshine themed birthday party sign
Sunshine welcome sign for birthday party available in The Printables Club

Thank You

Sending a thank you card or giving your guests a small token is really important. While some favors are pointless and some disagree with thank you cards (they just go in the trash!) I still think it’s important. Do something to say thank you to your guests. It can be digital!

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