How do you feel about couples showers? I actually think they can be fun if you do them right. Have games both sexes will enjoy and maybe save the gift-opening for later. Also, include alcohol, that’s always a good idea. 😉

February is the perfect time for a couples bridal shower. Why? It’s Valentine’s Day! A valentine bridal shower is also the perfect time for couples shower games and today I’m sharing 8 perfect couples shower games.

All these designs were created specifically for a bridal shower around valentine’s day. However, they’ve also been made to work year around. So whether you having a February bridal shower or another month, these will work for you.

the perfect couples shower games

Perfect Couples Shower Games

1. Would She Rather

Works Best For: First up, this game is perfect for the classic shower.  For the bride who knows who she is what she loves.

How to Play: Ask the bride to make her circle her choices before the shower. Then, have the guests guess what she picked. Easy-peasy.

2. Over or Under

Works Best For: Another perfect game for the classic shower is this over or under game.

How to Play: Have the guests guess whether the numbers in the statements are over or under the actual numbers. Be sure you count ahead of time.

3. Lingerie BINGO

Works Best For: Lingerie BINGO is too fun for the bachelorette party, personal party, or any other celebration that has a bit of spice.

How to Play: Have the guests write down what they think the bride will receive. Think colors, styles, and even toys. Then, as the bride opens her gifts, guests mark off the ones they guessed correctly.

4. Porn or Polish

Works Best For: Porn or Polish is a fun game for the Bachelorette party as well.

How to Play: The guests will guess whether the names listed are porn or nail polish. Answers come with the game as well.

5. Red or White

Works Best For: Another perfect game for a wine tasting shower is this red or white game.

How to Play: Test the wine knowledge of your guests by having them categorize them by white or red. Answers are also included on this one.

6. Weird Wedding Words

Works Best For: This is another classic style game.

How to Play: There are some wedding words that are just plan weird. However, they still have meaning.  See if your guests can figure out those meanings.  Answers included.

7. How to Say I love You

Works Best For: How to Say I Love You was made for the travel couple or travel themed shower in mind. It uses languages from all over the world.

How to Play: Have guests match the “I love you” with its proper language.

8. Meaning of Roses

Works Best For: The Meaning of Roses is for the classic shower. Perfect for the bride who is having roses at her wedding.

How to Play: Different colors and quantities of roses have different meanings. See if your guests can figure out their meanings.

Bridal Showers Don’t Have to be Expensive!

The Perfect Couples Shower Games for a Love Themed Party
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