The Easiest Way to Organize Your Holiday Decor (all seasons!)

organizing holiday decor

The holidays are over and you now have a mess. No matter what holiday, there’s always a bit of a mess, right? Here’s the easiest way to organize it all, with printables!

First off, you’re going to need a plan. Don’t just start throwing things in random boxes, you’ll regret that next year, I promise. Today I’m sharing 5 easy ways to use printables when organizing your decorations from any holiday.

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holiday organization printables

5 Ways to Easily Organize Holiday Decor with Printables

Use Large Labels for the Season

I can’t tell you how many times my husband has to open a box because he can’t find the label or the box isn’t see through and he doesn’t remember where in the attic the specific holiday stuff is. If you put large labels on the side and then stack the boxes together that are in the same holiday or season. That way, it’s a quick look.

Organize by Room

The best thing I ever did when putting up my Christmas decorations was to do them by room. That way, the next year, you can put the boxes exactly where they need to go. I can also put them in the right room for putting everything up. I can easily put the boxes in the areas and start tossing things in when I have time.

holiday decor by room
Organize your holiday decor by room for quick set up and take down

Label the Items you ALWAYS Use

So maybe you don’t feel like putting out all the decorations every year for all the holidays you celebrate. That’s totally fine and acceptable. But, if you have a few you always put out, label those. For instance, the Christmas tree, stockings, and lights are a good place to start with Christmas items. Usually, we put those out every year so it’s good to know right where they are and not have to dig through all the boxes.

Number Your Boxes

It never fails, almost every year, there’s a box we leave in the attic and I think I’m going crazy missing something. I start to wonder “did I get rid of it?” or “did I lose it?”. It turns out, it’s almost always in attic somewhere but I didn’t used to know how many boxes I had so I really don’t know if I’ve gotten it all out. Plus, my holiday decor tends to grow each year, that’s why my printables say box ____ of ____. You can change the number when you add more items.

You’ll also see that the printables have specific items. For instance, we have a lot of Christmas lights. But I don’t always remember how many. So I use labels that say Christmas lights and label them ____ of ____ so I know just how many boxes of lights there are. This way if I’m missing something, I know what I’m missing too.

Take Special Care with those Special Items

Finally, if you’re like me, you have hand me down holiday decorations. You don’t want to break grandma’s ornaments or smash the plates from Great-grandma either. That’s why I put special labels on those items. With room on the label for what the item actually is, you’ll know to be careful with that box.

fragile items printable label
How to mark your most fragile holiday items

How to Get the Printables

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