The Easiest Way to Add Spring Decor to Your Home

spring decor

When the seasons change I love making spring decor. I think it’s because spring in the Texas hill country is one of my favorite things. The flowers are blooming and the weather is just about perfect.

Today I’m sharing 20 items to add a little spring home decor to your life. Everything is inspired by the wonderful wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country. I’ve divided out the designs by each room of the house.

Which means, whether you’re looking to decorate your bedroom, bathroom, or family room, you’ll find it below. Each of these designs can also be personalized right online, just click-through and have fun.

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spring decor

An Easy Way to Add Spring Decor

So let me guess, you spend a lot of time looking at all the pretty things on Pinterest. Then you shop Amazon or Hobby Lobby and buy new things to decorate for the season.

But it’s always just the same stuff. And you love to support a small business or find something different from what everyone else has. There is a way you can do this without spending a fortune and without spending hours searching.

See, my favorite way to change things up for the season is by using printables to create new designs. And you can find a lot of those designs on Zazzle.

Zazzle is my secret weapon for updating decorations seasonally. They have so many options! Pillows, blankets, rugs, you name it. That’s why, every time the seasons change, I add new items to my Zazzle shop, and why you’ll hear me talk about it a lot.

Where to Find Printables

If you want to access the printables I used for these and other home decor items, head to The Printables Club. You can access 1000s of printables for one low monthly cost.

For the Family Room

The first room I’m covering is the family room, or living room. You probably spend a lot of time in this room, so why not make it cozy and decorate seasonally.

spring decor pillows
Update your spring decor with new throw pillows

1. Pillow

First up for the family room is a personal favorite of mine. Not only do I love mason jars, but bluebonnets are a Texas spring icon and they are just lovely for home sweet home. Yes, I had to go there, sorry.

2. Blanket

This next idea is one to cozy up with. It’s pretty warm during Texas springs, but it’s certainly not like that everywhere, so get a blanket to warm up with if your springs aren’t as balmy as ours.

3. Clock

A clock is a lovely way to decorate for spring and is something that could stay up all year-long.

For the Entryway

Another category that’s perfect for decorating is the entryway. It’s the first thing your guests see when they enter your house. The next item is sure to make those guests feel welcome.

welcome mat
Update your welcome mat for easy spring decor with printables

4. Welcome Mat

Welcome mats are one of my favorite things to use for home decor of any kind. I love that they don’t take up much space in storage too.

For the Kitchen

Personally, I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen as I don’t cook, but if you do, then these next ideas are for you.

kitchen spring decor
Spring decor for the kitchen

5. Coasters

A super easy way to add spring home decor are these coasters. They are also easy to store if you don’t want to keep them out all year.

6. Candy Jar

Next up is the perfect gift for the mom who loves to cook. I made this one with mother’s day in mind.

7. Kitchen Towel

Kitchen towels are another favorite of mine for easy home decor. I also tend to buy them when I travel since they don’t take up much space, and they’re useful! Personalize the message right online.

8. Cutting Board

Cutting boards make great gifts for the person who loves to cook. It’s something useful yet pretty. Plus, you can hang these below to add a little decor to the kitchen.

9. Cake Stand

A cake stand also makes for a great gift. Especially if you know someone who loves to bake.

10. Table Cloth

Another kitchen item is this personalized table-cloth. It will definitely add a bit of spring to the kitchen.

For the Bathroom

It’s a small space but that makes it even easier to decorate seasonally. The bathroom is next up on our list of spring home decor ideas. There’s three main items to update, you’ll find those ideas below.

spring decor shower curtain
Update your bathroom by switching out the shower curtain for the season

11. Mat

First up is the bath mat. Easy to change, easy to store.

12. Toiletry Set

Next is a toiletry set. A simple, and small detail but one that’s used every day so it’s sure not to be missed.

13. Shower Curtain

The last idea for the bathroom is the shower curtain. Easy to replace but adds a lot of impact to your bathroom.

For the Bedroom

Finally, the last room I’m sharing for spring home decor is the bedroom.  Make it cozy with these ideas below. They also make great gifts.

14. Ceramic Knob

This next idea is a great way to update your furniture without actually updating your furniture. You can add these knobs to your drawers to a bit of spring pop to the room.

15. Trinket Tray

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of trinkets. I love trays like this for putting my jewelry, bobby pins, and other tiny items in at the end of the day.

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