Super Simple Games for Spring Your Kids with Love

spring games for kids

Spring is such a glorious time. I always feel so refreshed and ready for fun. If you’re on spring break right now, you may need some ideas for occupying the kids. That’s what I’ve got for you…. ideas. 🙂

I’m sharing my favorite easy spring games your kids will still love! I’ve got honey bee themed games, St. Patrick’s Day games, and Easter games (both religious and non-religious), for a total of 12 different games. So you’ll be all set through April. Then, of course, you’ll need summer themed games. Come back for that.

spring games for kids

13 Spring Themed Games Your Kids Will Love

Alright, let’s get to it. I’m going to break these down by holiday/theme for you, because, well that’s what I want to do.

Honey Bee Games

Let’s start with some simple spring games. I love a good honey bee design for spring. First up is a math game. It’s perfect for learning your addition. Help the bee find the hive by completing each of the honey combs.

honey bee games and graphics

Now the second one is similar but this time you get to fill in the blanks. I love this because you can reuse it over and over. You can also make it age-appropriate for your own kids. Fill in the blanks with math problems, have them color each one, use it for spelling words, etc. The options are endless.

By the way, check the video below for how I re-use games without having to reprint them!

St. Patrick’s Day Games

Next up is St. Patrick’s Day games. Since while I’m writing this it is just around the corner, seems appropriate. I’ve got 4 easy games for you on this one.

To start, coloring pages are always a good idea. What’s a bonus is that you can use them as fun decor, OR cut them into different pieces to make a puzzle.

The next game is one I created called “rainbow race” (we’re going counter-clockwise if you’re looking at the product photo). This is a fun little dice game where you move the pieces to get to the pot of gold.

Another game I created is pattern play. This is a great learning game if your kids are learning patterns. You can also use it simply for identifying the symbols. My 3 year old niece loves doing just that with this game!

Finally, kids always love cheesy jokes. The printables joke cards can be used over several days or all at once.

Easter Games

It’s time to get serious now and move on to Easter. These 4 games are super fun for several ages. I’ve got more than four for you below, but I’m only going to go through 4 of them. You can snag the others in the Printables club as well though.

First, you have the coloring pages again. Sorry, I just love them. Especially when you re-purpose into a puzzle. OR, print them smaller and make it a memory matching game.

Next up, you can build your own bunny. This one is fun for several ages. Both my 3 year old niece, 8 year old nephew, and 35 year old self love it.

Another coloring game is the bunny hat. You get to color and assemble your hat, and then, of course, wear it! Duh!

Finally, the egg exchange is a fun dice game you can play as a family. Put coupons (you can get those in the club too) or money or trinkets in plastic eggs then roll the dice to see what you end up with. Switch your eggs based on what you roll.

Easter Crafts

Religious Easter Games

Okay, last but not least, I’ve got 3 religious Easter games you can download and play, These are designed to help teach your kids the story of Easter as well.

Religious Easter

First up, the Easter story snack mix isn’t necessarily a game per se, but you can make it a game by having your kids read the verses and getting the snacks themselves.

The coloring bookmarks are perfect for all ages and can be used as you read the Bible together as a family.

Finally, the very last game is the Easter story. This one is for older kids who can read or you’ll need to help them. Fill in the blanks with the missing word from the Easter story in the Bible. Then, once done, take the first letter from each of the found words to create a new word.

That’s a wrap on spring games! Need more ideas? Get them sent to you weekly with the sign up below. Plus get access to the Printables Club for less. It’s got thousands of printables and tips on how to use them.

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