Printable Easter Bunny Crafts with that are Super Easy with Dollar Tree Supplies

easter crafts with printables

Printable Easter Bunny crafts are one of my favorite items to make. You can make every single one of these easter crafts with printables. I love spring, I think it’s because I hate winter so much that I’m ready for new life and warm weather.  

Today I’m sharing 5 Easter crafts with printables from The Printables Club. The best part is that these crafts are so easy and cheap to make with Dollar Store supplies. You’ll find the supplies listed below each item. You don’t need any fancy tools either. Just print, cut, and create.

Easter Crafts with Printables

printable easter bunny crafts on teal background

When I started thinking about Easter crafts, I realized what I love is the adorable little animals that are always associated with the Easter.  Therefore, you’ll find bunnies, chicks, and birds all featured below. 

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5 Items to Make with Dollar Store Supplies

1. Bunny Banner

First up is this adorable bunny garland. For this, you can download our template or make your own.  I used cotton balls to give them a bit of dimension.  Simply print on different colors of construction paper, cut out, and string together. Easy done.

Easy bunny banner easter crafts
Super easy bunny banner for Easter crafts
Supplies: Construction Paper | Twine | Cotton Balls | Glue | Hole Punch

2. Animal Eggs

Next are these adorable animal eggs. You can find the eggs with the sticks on them at the Dollar Store, then use our template to add the accents. They look super cute in a Spring themed flower arrangement.

easy easter characters
Make a cute Easter bunny, chick, and bird for spring decor.
Supplies: Eggs | Construction Paper | Glue

3. Bunny Bags

I love, love, love these bunny bags. Who says you need a basket? Actually, you can put these in a basket if you wanted. They’re super easy with the template.

Supplies: Bags | Glue | Paper

4. Chick Buckets

Forget Easter baskets, let’s do buckets! This is super easy. Yellow bucket and construction paper, then done and done. Really, you could make the bucket into any character, just buy a different color or spray paint some regular tin ones.

Easter Chick Bucket
Make a super easy Easter Chick bucket with printables and dollar tree supplies
Supplies: Bucket | Construction Paper | Glue

5. Bunny Clothespins

Finally, these bunny clothespins are too fun.  Use the same bunny template that you used for the banner, just size them smaller.  Add cotton balls for a fun little tail on the bunny.  

You can spray paint the clothespins if you want them white like mine and can’t find them that way.

Supplies: Clothespins | Construction Paper | Cotton Balls | Glue

Get Started on Printable Easter Bunny Crafts

Think you don’t have time for crafts? Think again. With printables, it’s so easy! Just download, print and create. Head to The Printables Club for spring graphics you can use for crafting.

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