Hi, I’m Jamie

and this is the story of how I created Aesthetic Journeys…


The quick story about me and Aesthetic Journeys is that I’m a graphic designer and photographer who loves to travel. In turn, those passions and travels created my business.  I knew I had to choose a career that allowed me to travel and design. Therefore, for the last 7 years I’ve been selling my handmade designs on Etsy, Zazzle,  and right here. I’ve created thousands of designs for weddings, graduations, new babies, holidays, and more. It’s been extremely rewarding and allowed me the flexibility to travel abroad for my Master’s Degree, as well as create a life I love. However, there’s really more to it than that…

Aesthetic Journeys is where I help people Plan, Celebrate, and Remember all of the Journeys that make up our lives.

During the time when I was “just” designing, I felt so blessed to be a small part of each of my customer’s special “journey”. However, I knew I wanted to do more and I’ve always had a love of photography.

Since I was young, taking photos was part of my every day life. I love taking them, displaying them, and even being in them. For so long it was simply a hobby. Then I began selling my travel photos online and realized I truly love the camera just as much as I love design. I decided to really up my game and completed the New York Institute of Photography Course just this year. I find knowledge and learning to be so important that I’m always striving to improve my skills.  

Since then, I added photography to my business and I’m so excited. This allows me to take photos for my clients and then design the perfect way to share them. I don’t just make the graduation invites anymore, but I create the photos that go on them. I don’t just design the perfect first birthday invite, but I get to photograph it as well.


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What Does this Mean for You?

In short, it means that Aesthetic Journeys is your one place to plan, celebrate, and remember all of life’s journeys. First, get planning tips from the blog, then search designs in my shop to help you celebrate, and finally, schedule or browse photography to remember your journey. You’ll find I’ve categorized “journeys” in the following four main sections:

  1. Family (weddings, new baby, everyday home)
  2. Milestones (birthday, graduation, anniversary)
  3. Seasonal (holidays)
  4. Travel (everywhere I go, you can virtually go as well)

Each part of Aesthetic Journeys connects with the other. That means when you schedule a photography package, it includes discounts to my products and a custom design in one place. Are you planning a first birthday? Need photos and an invite for your little one? Want to get family holiday photos and the cards completed all at once? That’s what I do. The option is there, if you need it. There are so many ways to use both design and photography together, and I’ve put together a few ideas for you here. 

Many of my previous clients would want a design of mine but had to wait on the photos, with me, it’s all done. You can choose one of my thousands of designs, or have me work up something completely new and unique. I love creating new things and I love capturing every family’s “journey”. 

Don’t want both? No worries, choose what you need, that’s the beauty of it. Plan, celebrate, and remember, or pick and choose.

Ready to Start on Your Journey?

I truly believe that all of life’s journeys should be celebrated and shared! Be it holiday, wedding, new babies, graduations, or simply a family vacation. Celebrate your family’s journey with unique designs and beautiful photos by contacting me today!

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