9 Gorgeous Floral Save the Dates Perfect for a Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding Floral Save the Dates

Spring Wedding

I don’t know about you but I hate winter and cannot wait for spring, year after year. So today I’m sharing 10 spring wedding save the dates that will have you begging for warm weather.  

I’ve got 10 unique designs involving different graphics and backgrounds so there’s something for every style and theme.

Floral Save the Dates for a Spring Wedding

10 Save the Dates Perfect for a Spring Wedding

Mason Jars

Some people say mason jars are out. I say, they will never be out. I love mason jars for everything. Cheap and easy and looks good. They’ll never go out of style in Texas.

Simple and Solid Background

Next up, is a solid background. This is great because it can be easily adjusted to every color out there. Just keep in mind that solid backgrounds take a lot of ink. So, if you go that route, maybe have someone print it for you instead of DIY-ing it.


Another type of floral that I love is anything green. That’s why I’ve thrown this plant themed save the date in, even though not technically a floral.

All the Greenery

If you like simple garden weddings, then this next design is for you. The simple greenery is really perfect for any time of year.

Boho/Rustic Inspired

I keep seeing lovely boho inspired themes everywhere so for this next design I decided to make my own “boho” invite. The floral graphics are the perfect combination to the rustic graphics.


This next design came about when I was asked to create a “vintage fiesta” wedding suite. I love the cactus for a spring wedding, especially if you’re having it anywhere near the south. If you love this design, be sure to check out this full post about vintage fiesta wedding designs.


Metallic is another one of those themes I keep seeing pop up and personally I really love it. Gold and silver can be dressed up or down if done right.


Florals with chalkboard just pop and a I love it. That’s why I couldn’t resist sharing this one below.

Black and White

Finally, this last design may not be what you think of when you think floral wedding invites. However, I love this black and white design as you can print it on solid paper or embellish it however you desire.

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