Sports are great and I have a huge passion for them. See, in High School I played golf (and a little while in college). It might have been considered weird but I loved it. That’s what inspired today’s post. I’m sharing sports themed party invites but not just for the popular sports.

See, baseball, football, basketball, they’re great. I have a love of all sports. Well, full disclosure, I hate basketball, but regardless, it’s still popular. This is post is dedicated to that love of sports. I’m creating a comprehensive list of invites for all sports (played in America- sorry!).

Now, I’m sure I’ve forgotten some sports, but I’m covering quite a few of them. If I’ve left off a sport you love, do not despair, comment on this post and I’ll add it to my design list.

Unless it’s cricket. Please don’t ask for cricket. I don’t understand that one.

Sports Themed Party Invites

sports party invites for all sports

These sports themed party invites can be for themed birthdays, a sports baby shower, non-traditional bridal showers, graduations, and more. Really, the wording can be adjusted however you need. You’ll find a variety of different events below so keep in mind they each be adjusted.

All-Star Sports Invites

We’re going to start the sports themed party invites off with all sports or “all-star” sports. Seems appropriate, right? I’ve created two versions of this invite and I love them both! One is for a birthday and one for a baby shower. Both can be customized with colors, fonts, wording, and more.

Ballet Invites

Now getting more into specifics, we start with ballet. Yes, I definitely believe this is a sport. Ballet is beautiful and I don’t know how people do it!

Baseball Invites

Baseball is a personal favorite of mine. I can’t wait to get back in a baseball stadium with a hot dog and some cotton candy (bet you thought I’d say beer, right ;)).

Basketball Invites

Basketball is so crazy popular, even in other countries and I’ve never understood it. It’s too fast paced for me and doesn’t hold my interest. Nevertheless, I didn’t leave it out.

Cheerleading Invites

This is another sport I’ve never really seen much of an appeal for, but what have you, here it is. Maybe it’s my inability to be positive when a team just sucks. 😉

Football Invites

I love football. Wish I didn’t since I know it’s so incredibly dangerous. However, my heart is definitely with college football. Now, professional, I couldn’t care less, but I do love college level football.

Golf Invites

Now we’ve gotten to the one that is near and dear to my heart. Golf is hard y’all. However, it can be very fun and extremely rewarding, on a good day. On a bad day, it’s bad, really bad. Ha!

Gymnastics Invites

Gymnastics is one of those sports I wish I had the talent for, but don’t. Nevertheless, it’s a cool sport if you can do it!


Hockey is way cool! I love watching it live. Too bad I live in Texas so I don’t get a lot chances for that, but still, I didn’t forget it!

Running or Racing Invites

I never thought I would enjoy running, but I started in High School, and it’s still how I get my cardio today.


Soccer is another one of those sports I’ve never gotten into, but it sure can be popular! I couldn’t just leave it out.


When we lived in Australia, I actually got into watching Tennis because of the Australian Open. Once I understood the rules, it became fun to watch. Still could never play it, but watching is fun!


Volleyball falls under the category of me never having played it or been good at it. Volleyball is hard y’all! I have loads of respect for all athletes and even more so for volleyball.


Yoga is definitely my jam. I think after competing so much in sports growing up, I needed an activity that does not involve that. Yoga is right up my alley. Yes, it’s a sport. Because I said so! However, it is the only one I don’t (yet) have an invite for, but I do have these sweet home decor signs.


This invite might be a bit of a stretch when it comes to being about the sport, but hey, I’m including it. Squats then shots for a bachelorette party sounds pretty good to me!

Other Sports?

That’s my list of sports themed party invites, but I want to know something. What other sports do you love? What would you love to see in my shop? Comment below and let me know, I’ll add it to my “to design” list!

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Sports Themed Party Invites for the Love of All Sports
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