Baby Shower Invitations for the Love of Sports

Sport Themed Baby Shower Ideas

One idea that seems to sell over and over again is the sports-themed baby shower ideas. Whether it’s invites, games, or decor, it’s always a popular idea. However, for a long time, the main designs that I’ve offered were baseball.

Mostly because I love the sport and it’s super easy to make these designs. Nonetheless, lately I’ve been wanting to design for more than just baseball. So today, I’m sharing sport themed baby shower ideas for (almost) every sport. From tennis to cheerleading, volleyball to hockey, you’ll find invites below.

Sport Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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Invites for Every Sport

First up is invites because that’s how what I always start with when designing a new product line. It gives me a base for everything else and helps me keep it all matching.

All Sports

This time, I started with all sports. You could do a all-star themed baby shower with this fun invite below.


Next, of course is baseball because that’s what I’ve done the most of already. I love making designs in fun shapes so you’ll find a glove, onesie, and ticket-shaped invite below.


Another favorite sport of mine is football and I’ve had fun designing these invites below.


It seems soccer is becoming more and more popular in the US (not by me, but you know, people like it), so I’ve created a onesie-shaped soccer invite below.


Living in San Antonio, I’ve actually come to enjoy basketball. It’s never been a real favorite of mine. However I have been to an off-season, mediocre Spurs game in the nose-bleed section and the crowd was still crazy! It was super impressive.  If you love basketball then these invites are for you.


When I lived in Australia, we would go to the Australian Open every year and I truly enjoyed it. Tennis became more and more interesting to me and the colors of the Australian Open inspired this design below.


This next category is actually a personal favorite of mine. For those of you who don’t know, I played golf through high school and freshman year of college. It was a huge part of my life for a long time and I love how these designs turned out.


About 4 years ago, I went to my first hockey match and loved it. Hockey is beyond exciting, and while I had to get some help on the terminology for this design, I’m loving the ticket invite below.


These last two sport themed baby shower ideas are definitely not my expertise but I wanted to include them anyway. So after a little research and thinking, I came up with the mega-phone design below.


Finally, this last design is for the volleyball-lover. I used the onesie design again which makes it easy to switch colors and genders.

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