5 Snowman Crafts You Can Make in an Hour with Dollar Store Supplies

5 Super Easy Snowman Crafts

There’s very little I love more when it comes to crafting than Christmas crafting. This year, I was on the hunt for cheap crafts and there’s nothing better than the Dollar Store for cheap, quick ways to decorate. Today I’m sharing 5 Snowman crafts you can make in under an hour with Dollar Store (and Hobby Lobby) supplies. I’ve got easy gifts, cards, and decor for the holiday.

5 Super Easy Snowman Crafts

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Snowman Crafts

1. Snowman Ornaments

Super Easy Snowman Ornaments
Super Easy Snowman Ornaments

The first craft I undertook is so awesome because it’s super cheap and easy. Get a set of 6 napkin rings at the Dollar Store and make these snowman ornaments.

Supplies: Napkin Rings | Yarn |  Ribbon | Card Stock | Jewel Embellishments (optional)

Steps: First you’ll use a glue gun to glue one end of the yard to the underside of the napkin ring. Then wrap the yarn as you go. I recommend cutting off a bit of yarn to make it easier to wrap around each of the rings. You can then attach the two together with ribbon of your choice. There’s a template for the hat on the Journey Junkies page that you can print out and cut to attach to the top of the snowman. I also used jewel embellishments for a bit of bling.

2. Snowman Bags

Dollar Store Snowman Bags
Dollar Store Snowman Bags

Next up for the snowman crafts are these fun little gift bags for treats. I made this with little more than bags and card stock.

Supplies: Bags | Card Stock | Circle Punch (optional)

Steps: For this, you’ll simply cut out the pieces of the snowman (hat, eyes, nose, and buttons) and glue them to the bag. Yes, it’s that easy. Plus, you can find a free snowman template on the Journey Junkies page. I used a circle punch for the eyes and buttons which just makes life easier.

3. Snowman Door-Hanger

Cotton Ball Snowman Door Hanger
Cotton Ball Snowman Door Hanger

This snowman door-hanger started off as an ornament but because I tend to have a little tree, he became a door-hanger.

Supplies: Styrofoam Ball | Cotton Balls | Wire | Googly Eyes | Pom-Pom Balls | Embellishments

Steps: First, you’ll glue cotton balls to the styrofoam ball until it’s completely covered. Once that is completed, then you can add the googly eyes and other embellishments to make the face. Afterwards, take a piece of wire for the ear muffs. Glue the pom-pom balls to the ends of the wire and then attach to the snowman by glueing the pom-pom to the completed ball. For the nose, the snowman buttons you can find here actually include noses as well. You can get them at Hobby Lobby.

4. Snowman Clips

Easy Snowman Clips for Cards or Photos made from Clothespins
Easy Snowman Clips for Cards or Photos made from Clothespins

You know those clothespins you probably have in your pantry? Well bust them out and paint them for these adorable clips. I love using them to hang christmas cards but I also think they’d be super cute as ornaments or on gifts.

Supplies: Clothespins | Paint | Card Stock

Steps: First, paint the clothespins white (or find pre-painted white ones). Then, use a sharpie to for the eyes and mouth.

Tip: if you get a sharpie with a big enough tip (but not too big) you can simply make dots.

Next you’ll glue the hat, nose, and ribbon to the clothes pin to complete his ensemble. You can use that same template you used for the snowman bags and ornament to make the hat and nose for the clips as well. Just print them on card stock, cut, and glue. Use the same ribbon from the ornaments to make the bow.

5. Snowman Cards

Handmade Snowman Cards
Handmade Snowman Cards

Finally, make snowmen cards with little more than card stock. I love how easy these were and I made mine just slightly different from each other so no one gets the same card.

Supplies: Card stock | Snowflake Punch | Circle Punch (optional)

Steps: For the last of the snowman crafts you can again use the template on the Journey Junkies page for the nose, eyes, and head of the snowman. Simply print, cut, and glue to the card. You can trim off the circle after attaching it to the card to make it look like the snowman is peeking into the card. I cut my own cards, but you can find pre-cut cards with envelopes at hobby lobby if you don’t want to bother with that. To make the snowflakes, it’s easiest to use a punch.

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