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Small Ways to Add Big Meaning to Your Kid’s Easter Basket That They’ll Love

easter basket ideas

easter basket ideas

Easter is just around the corner and everyone loves a good Easter Basket the morning of, right? But how can you add a little bit more meaning to the Easter basket? With printables. That’s how. I’m going to show you.

5 Easter Basket Items to Add More Meaning

Sure, you can stick with dyed eggs for the Easter basket, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re looking to spice it up with a little more meaning this Easter, this is for you. I’ve got five little ways to add big meaning to Easter.

Now, before we get to how to use each of these ideas, let’s talk about where you can get them. Download them in The Printables club. It’s $12/month and you can access 1000s of designs. New designs are added monthly and you can leave any time. The two bundles below have these ideas and more for Easter activities.

1. Printable “Some Bunny Loves You” Tag

First up these printable some bunny loves you tags can be attached to literally anything. I love them for hanging on the Easter basket for a special little touch. You can also attach them to your kid’s lunch box the week of Easter just for fun.

Add this tag to any Easter trinket or tie to the basket itself.

2. Holy Week Countdown

This next idea is great for the whole week of Easter. You can put the final eggs in their Easter basket the day of. If you’re really looking for something to add meaning to the holiday, this is it. Each day of the week before Easter, read the passage in the Bible related to that day. This banner will guide you. It’s the perfect way to bring the Christian meaning back to Easter.

Hang this Holy Week banner and go through the Easter story in the Bible the week of. Place the last egg in their Easter basket for the day of.

3. Easter Jokes

Kids love cheesy jokes. At least my nieces and nephews do. Add some laughs to Easter day with these fun ones. I find that kids who are old enough to read love being the ones to tell the jokes.

Easter jokes make a fun Easter day activity

4. Egg Coupons

I love these coupons for those plastic eggs. They are great to replace or add to the candy. Use the pre-written ideas or add your own with the blank eggs.

Put these little coupons in those plastic Easter eggs for an added bonus Easter day!

5. Homemade Game

Finally, add a homemade game. Sure, you can buy the same stuff from Target as everyone else, but if you’re here, I’m guessing you like shopping small. You like having stuff that’s a little more meaningful. That’s exactly what the these bundles above were designed for. Each one has fun little games you can print and add to your kid’s Easter Basket. Use the memory cards, build a bunny, play a fun dice game, it’s all there.

Play a memory matching game with your kids on Easter day!

You don’t have to go overboard to make holidays special. These are super simple ways to add just a little more meaning to Easter. Download them all in the Printables Club, plus access my how to videos on using printables!

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