Fun Shamrock Ideas that will Make St. Patrick’s Day Fun for Everyone

Shamrock Crafts and Products

Shamrock crafts are something I have never done before but I kept seeing all these adorable ideas this year and had to go for it. Plus, I’m about all of life’s journeys so I can’t leave out St. Paddy’s!

I’ve searched far and wide for 50 adorable ideas for shamrock crafts and products. So whether you love to DIY or you love to buy, you’ll be set with these ideas below.

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50 Fun Shamrock Ideas


First, I’ll start with crafts because that’s what I love to do. Here’s my favorite ideas for shamrock crafts.

1. Easy Stamped Cards

These easy stamped cards are a favorite of mine. Use green paper to make it more festive or green ink.

Shamrock Cards
Shamrock Cards

2.Shamrock Luminaries by Mom 4 Real

These Shamrock mason jars are surprisingly easy to make and too cute. Find the tutorial over on the Mom 4 Real blog.

Shamrock Mason Jars by Mom 4 Real
Shamrock Mason Jars by Mom 4 Real

3. Leprechaun Hats

Next up, these leprechaun hats by Mom on Timeout are too cute and could be used to fill treats. Check out the full tutorial on her blog.

Leprechaun Hats by Mom on Timeout
leprechaun hats by Mom on Timeout

4. Shamrock Garland

For this one, you can download the template for the shamrock on the Journey Junkies page. Then, just print, cut, string together, and add embellishments as you see fit.

Lucky Shamrock Banner
Lucky Shamrock Banner

5. Pinch Protection Pin by That’s What Che Said

If you’re not into green clothing, then you’ll definitely need pinch protection this St. Paddy’s Day. Check out this adorable pin on the That’s What Che Said blog.

Pinch Protection Pin by That's What Che Said
Pinch Protection Pin by That’s What Che Said

6. Easy Shamrock Stamp

I have a love of wine and therefore have plenty of wine corks around my home.  I love this idea of making them into an easy stamp like the one below.

Shamrock Stamp
Shamrock Stamp

7. Vinyl Stencil by Landee See Landee Do

This vinyl St. Patrick’s Day sign is so adorable. Get the how to and the template from Landee.

Vinyl Stencil by Landee See Landee Do
Vinyl Stencil by Landee See Landee Do

8. Easy Art

Last up in the craft section is printable art. Make your own or find ours in The Print Shop.

St.Paddy's Wall Art
St.Paddy’s Wall Art


This category is much less DIY but still fun and can still be personalized. You can find all these ideas on Zazzle where you can personalize and adjust to your heart’s content. Zazzle is great for personalizing items you’ve already found. Here’s 42 more shamrock ideas.

9. Stickers

If you want to make your own stickers, you can download our template or use your own graphics.

Kiss Me I'm Irish Sticker
Kiss Me I’m Irish Sticker

10. Tags

These tags are another easy idea.

St. Patrick's Day Tags
St. Patrick’s Day Tags

11. Onesie

Do you know someone who just had a baby? If so, tell them how lucky they are with this onesie.

Mommy's Lucky Charm Onesie
Mommy’s Lucky Charm Onesie
12. Bachelorette Invite: Lucky in Love

I love themed bachelorette parties, and it would be too fun to have a Lucky in Love party themed around St. Patty’s Day, especially if the bride is Irish.

Lucky in Love Bachelorette Invite
Lucky in Love Bachelorette Invite

13. T-Shirt

If you’re going to a St. Paddy’s Day party, then be sure to wear your green with this customizable t-shirt.

St Patricks Day LOVE with shamrock T-Shirt
St Patrick’s Day LOVE with shamrock T-Shirt

14. Drink Cooler

I’m pretty sure that people drink a bit on St. Paddy’s Day, so keep it festive.

Funny St Patricks Day 'Drink Up Bitches' Can Cooler
Funny St Patrick’s Day ‘Drink Up Bitches’ Can Cooler

15. Button

You don’t want to get pinched for not sporting your green on this day, so wear it in a button. Or, if you’re hosting the party, keep them around for those who don’t come prepared.

Kiss Me Button
Kiss Me Button

16. Sunglasses

How fun would it be to go all out for that parade and even wear festive glasses?!

Shamrock Sunglasses
Shamrock Sunglasses

17. First Birthday Invite

Another party invite ideas is for the birthday party.  Do you have a baby born around St. Patty’s in your life? If so, keep it themed.

Our Little Shamrock Birthday Invite
Our Little Shamrock Birthday Invite

18. Tattoos

Am I the only one who loves temporary tattoos? No? Good. It’s too fun for the party. Get your green on with these.

Shamrock Tattoos
Shamrock Tattoos

19. Wrapping Paper

If you’re going to one of those parties we mentioned above (bachelorette, birthday, etc.) then keep the theme going with wrapping paper.

Shamrock Wrapping Paper
Shamrock Wrapping Paper

20. Hat

Another great thing about Zazzle is that they have clothing that comes with different colors. This green hat was basically begging to be for St. Patty’s.

Funny St Patricks Day Drinking Trucker Hat
Funny St Patrick’s Day Drinking Trucker Hat

21. Paper Plates

If you’re throwing a St. Patrick’s day party, then get the things you need anyway with a festive touch.

St. Patrick's Day Paper Plates
St. Patrick’s Day Paper Plates

22. Napkins

People are messy, don’t forget the napkins!

St. Patrick's Day Napkins
St. Patrick’s Day Napkins

23. Paper Cups

We did plates, napkins, and finally, the cups!

St. Patrick's Day Cups
St. Patrick’s Day Cups

24. Magnet

For the person who loves all things Irish.

Irish Shamrock Love Magnet
Irish Shamrock Love Magnet

25. Maternity Shirt

Just because she can’t drink doesn’t mean she can’t celebrate!

Bump's First St Patricks Day Shamrock Irish Maternity T-Shirt
Bump’s First St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Irish Maternity T-Shirt

26. Dog Shirt

Don’t forget the pup!

Pet Me I'm Irish St. Patrick's Day dog shirt
Pet Me I’m Irish St. Patrick’s Day dog shirt

27. Golf Ball

If shamrock’s are lucky, then you may need one on your golf ball too.

Irish Luck Golfing Clover Golf Balls
Irish Luck Golfing Clover Golf Balls

28. Mason Jar Mug

Always a good idea to get extra luck.

For Luck St Patrick’s Day Mason Jar Mug
For Luck St Patrick’s Day Mason Jar Mug

29. Welcome Mat

Welcome mats are a favorite of mine for decorating, it’s just too easy!

Welcome Mat
Kiss Our Shamrock Welcome Mat

30. Coffee Mug

This mug can be used year around.

Kiss My Shamrock Mug
Kiss My Shamrock Mug

31. Notepads

Keep the green going even after St. Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick's Day Stationery
St. Patrick’s Day Stationery

32. Apron

Know someone who loves to cook and loves everything Irish? This is a fun gift they’ll love.

Kiss me i'm Irish Adult Apron
Kiss me I’m Irish Adult Apron

33. Favor Box

Give the guests at your party their own pot of gold to take home with these fun boxes.

Pot of Gold Favor Boxes
Pot of Gold Favor Boxes

34. Key Chain

Another great git idea is this simple key chain. Let them carry luck with them everywhere they go.

Irish Blessing Four Leaf Clover Keychain
Irish Blessing Four Leaf Clover Key chain

35. Stamp

Send the luck through the mail all year-long with these stamps.

Monogrammed St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks Postage
Monogrammed St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks Postage

36. Kitchen Towel

The kitchen towels are another easy way to decorate.

Kiss My Shamrock Kitchen Towel
Kiss My Shamrock Kitchen Towel

37. Clock

If you’re Irish or love the holiday, decorate your home all year-long with this clock. Makes a great gift as well.

Lucky four leaf clover | St Patrick's Day clock
Lucky Four Leaf Clover | St Patrick’s Day clock

38. St. Patty’s Day Party Invite

If you’re throwing the party, you’ll need an invite, right?

St. Patrick's Day Party Vintage Ticket Invitations
St. Patrick’s Day Party Vintage Ticket Invitations

39. Pillow

This throw pillow is fun any time of year.

Throw Pillow
Throw Pillow

40. Puzzle

Puzzle makes a great game for kids and adults.

Three Shamrocks Puzzle
Three Shamrocks Puzzle

41. Photo Cube

Three Shamrocks Cube
Three Shamrocks Cube

42. Pet Tag

Is your pup one lucky dog? Be sure to let the world know.

Lucky Dog customizable tag
Lucky Dog customizable tag

43. Banner

Decorate for the day with this banner.

Happy St. Patrick Irish Colors Shamrock Banner
Happy St. Patrick Irish Colors Shamrock Banner

44. Ribbon

Another idea is this shamrock ribbon you can use to decorate or wrap a gift.

Shamrocks Satin Ribbon
Shamrocks Satin Ribbon

45. Hand Fan

I mean, if it gets hot, you may need a fan.

Three Shamrocks Hand Fan
Three Shamrocks Hand Fan

46. Wall Art

I love this poster for all year-long. Yes, I had to go there.

Green and White Irish Shamrock Love Poster
Green and White Irish Shamrock Love Poster

47. Gift Bag

Give your guests their own pot of gold with these favor bags.

Fun Favor Bag
Fun Favor Bag

48. Tote Bag

Next up, carry the luck with you with this tote bag.

Kiss My Shamrock Tote Bag
Kiss My Shamrock Tote Bag

49. Playing Cards

Who doesn’t need a little extra luck on their playing cards?

Lucky Clover Word Art Bicycle Playing Cards
Lucky Clover Word Art Bicycle Playing Cards

50. Coasters

Last idea is these fun coasters.  Easy way to decorate for the season or keep all year.

St. Paddy's Day Coaster
St. Paddy’s Day Coaster

You’re in Luck!

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