There’s no shortage of save the date ideas out there but if you’re going to send them, make sure they’re something your guests will actually love. Really, you don’t have to send a save the date if you don’t want to, so don’t feel compelled to just print something out at home just so you have it.

Send something unique they’ll actually love and remember. There’s a time period when we were getting so many save the dates in the mail, most just got tossed. If that’s what’s going to happen, then what’s the point, right?

Today I’m sharing 10 unique save the dates your guests will actually love (and maybe even keep!). Each one is a fun shape that will definitely make an impression on your guests.

Save the Date Ideas

Save the Date Ideas Your Guests will Actually Love

1. Circle

First up, we’re keeping it simple, but fun nonetheless.  A circle save the date is super easy to do provided you have a circle cutter (you can find some recommendations at the bottom). Here you’ll find our magnetic ones.

Fun Shaped Save the Dates Circle
Circle Save the Date

2. Heart

What’s a more perfect way to show your friends and family that you’re marrying the one you love than with a heart?

Fun Shaped Save the Date Heart
Heart Save the Date

3. Tag

Next up is the tag shape.  Another classic, but is perfect for a travel theme, or you can attach it to a photo or something special to give your guests.

Fun Shaped Save the Date Tag
Tag Save the Date

4. Jar

Another idea is one that is near and dear to my heart. I’ll be honest, I love mason jars. They are so simple, so cute, and so fun. I know they’ve been done over and over, but it’s still a favorite of mine and I love it when I get an order for these below.

Fun Shaped Save the Date Jar
Mason Jar Save the Date

5. Wine Bottle

If you’re planning  vineyard wedding or just love wine, this one is of you. The wine bottle shape is a fun way to let your guests know the theme of your wedding.

Fun Shaped Save the Date Wine Bottle
Wine Bottle Save the Date

6. Framed Photo

Everyone loves the photo save the date, it’s a great way to show off those engagement photos. So why not make it even more fun but changing the shape.  There are so many different “frames” you could choose from, our favorite is below.

Fun Shaped Save the Date Photo Frame
Framed Photo Save the Date

7. Airplane

If you’re a travel junkie like me or you’re having a destination wedding, then these next two are definitely for you.  First, an airplane is a new and fun way to let your guests know of your “destination I do”.

Fun Shaped Save the Date Airplane
Airplane Save the Date

8. Globe

Next for the save the date ideas is for a travel themed wedding, and it’s one that I truly adore. This turned out so much cuter than I thought it would. The globe shape is great because even if you’re not having a destination wedding, you’re just travel junkies, it’s perfect.

Fun Shaped Save the Date Globe
Globe Save the Date

9. Tree Slice

The last two designs are for the “natural” wedding, or the bride who loves flowers, tree stumps, and all things floral. First up is the tree slice.  You can find where to buy the tree slices below in our recommended supplies and tools.

Fun Shaped Save the Date Tree Slice
Tree Slice Save the Date

10. Floral

Lastly, this design is great because it can work with any color scheme. Who doesn’t have flowers at a wedding? That’s right, no one. These fun shaped save the dates come in a flower ring and there several options to choose from so you’re sure to find what’s right for you and your special day.

Fun Shaped Save the Date Floral
Floral Save the Date

Save on the Shower

Save the Date Ideas Your Guests will Actually Love
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