Mother’s Day Quotes for Wife, Daughter, Sister & How to Make them Into Gifts

Quotes about Mothers

Mother’s Day is definitely a time to send a card or gift. Now you could go out to target, find a card, pay $4 for it, and be done. Or, you could do something a little more for the woman who gave you life, or your children life. Today I’m sharing quotes Mother’s Day Quotes for wife, daughter, sister, and more that make perfect gifts for Mom.

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Quotes About Mothers

I’ve got 12 quotes about Mothers that are so true, I can’t even believe it. I’ve got sentimental quotes, funny quotes, and just plan perfect quotes. You’re sure to find something below that fits your needs for Mother’s Day.

Short and Sweet Quotes About Mothers

First up, these short and sweet quotes about Mothers are great for simply telling your Mother how great she is to you.

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”


“First my Mother, forever my friend.”


Quote by Abraham Lincoln about Mothers
Quote by Abraham Lincoln about Mothers

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my Mother.”

~Abraham Lincoln

“Mom, a title just above Queen.”


Funny Quotes About Mothers

Personally, I’m a fan of funny quotes. Sometimes I just feel like they are the most real. So, if you’re like me, and your mom enjoys a laugh, then this is your section. Embrace the funny this Mother’s day.

Funny Quote about Mothers
Funny Quote about Mothers

“It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.”

~ The Golden Girls

“If at first you don’t succeed, try doing it the way your mother told you.”


“A Mother is the person you can always call to see how long the chicken will last in the fridge.”


“Nothing is lost until Mom can’t find it.”


Quote about Mothers
Quote about Mothers

“Sometimes I open my mouth and my Mother comes out.”


On a Mother’s Love

Finally, you can’t have quotes about mothers and not talk about a Mother’s love. That’s what these last three quotes are all about.

“Of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all”


If I know what Love is, Quote about Moms
If I know what Love is, Quote about Moms

“if I know what love it, it is because of you.”

~Herman Hesse

“A mother’s love is whole, no matter how many times divided.”


Products with Quotes about Mothers

Now that we’ve gotten the quotes established, find the printed ones in The Print Shop.

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Printed Cards

So maybe you’re not into editing and printing yourself, and that’s okay. In fact, it kind of makes you my favorite. You can find all the cards for sale in The Print Shop.

Sweet Card for Mom
Sweet Card for Mom- Shop all printed cards in our shop.

Gifts for Mom

Okay, maybe you fall somewhere in between DIY and pre-made for you. If that’s you, then head over to Zazzle. Not only can you shop gifts instead of cards, you can personalize them yourself. You personalize and Zazzle will ship the product right to your door.

Mother's Day Gifts with amazing quotes
Mother’s Day Gifts with amazing quotes

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