Oh hey, you've found my restricted area!

Here's the deal. I'm all about inexpensive celebrations, but can't all be free (a girl's gotta eat).

That's why I have the Journey Junkies Premium Club. It's where I share bundles of my most popular designs for a really cheap price.

For $17/month you can access 2 download packages each month. Each package has at least 5 printables. Leave any time.

Here's how it works:

1. You sign up for the membership.

2. Each month I send you two coupon codes you can use once.

3. Use the coupons to download two packages of your choice.

4. Unused credits roll over, BUT if you leave, you'll loose access.

5. You can see all the available downloads so you can pick what you want when you want it.

Are you in? Register below!

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Journey Junkies Premium members have access to 2 download bundles per month. Each bundle has a minimum 5 downloads included. Direct access to request certain downloads is available as well as discounted custom orders and discounts on our shop.