Printable Valentine Games that Double as Class Party Gifts

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It can be a struggle to get into the Valentine spirit. It’s just far enough past Christmas where the bills are rolling in and it can seem like a lot of work to celebrate another holiday but those class parties aren’t going anywhere.

So, today I thought I’d share a few printable valentine games you can get in The Printables Club or Print Shop and use for those kid’s parties.

4 Printable Valentine Games


The best part about the jokes is that they come as a set of 12 already so you’re off to a good start. They are perfect for those valentine boxes or goodie bags. Don’t want to use them that way? Here’s three more ideas…

1. Put them in your kid’s lunch box each day in February. 2. Keep them in the car for the ride to and from school. 3. Tell them over dinner! Let those old enough read the jokes to you.

jokes for valentine's day
Add Valentine themed jokes to your kid’s lunch box this February!

This or That

Kisses or hugs? Pink or red? dinner in or out? And more pressing questions to answer on this valentine game.

this or that valentine game
Play This or That Valentine Themed!

Valentine Scattergories

This game is a fun little brain-teaser for the kids. Let them come up with something they love for each of the prompts.

But there’s an added twist! It has to start with the letter above.

Make it a race by seeing who can come up with all the things first to fill in the blanks.

Play a fun brain-teaser this Valentine’s Day!

Things I Love: 2 Versions

Add some meaning to Valentine’s Day and have your kid’s write about what they love!

Two versions are included in the latest activity pack and the “things I love about my family” makes a great gift for mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa.

Things I love Valentine Game makes a great gift

Download the Printable Valentine Games

Head over to The Printables Club to download all the games. Plus, you’ll find games, gifts, cards, and decor for every celebration!

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