Life is Made of Journeys… Celebrating Them is My Specialty

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on special moments because life is just too fast? At Aesthetic Journeys, I provide the tools to plan, celebrate, and remember, all of those moments, or what I like to call life’s “Journeys”.  I’ve found that so many women want to take that trip with their kids, or plan that themed sweet 16 birthday party but they just don’t have the time or the tools to do so. Or, when they do, it goes by so fast they don’t get to enjoy it.  That’s why I’ve created Aesthetic Journeys.

Handling the “details”

so you can focus on more important things.

My mission is to help women everywhere create beautiful “journeys” for family, milestones, seasons, and travel that they and their family will treasure. You can find unique designs for parties, trips, and home life, and fun photo sessions so you never miss a thing.

How it all Started

…with a dream & a love to create

Back in 2012 I was fresh out of college and had been working at my first “real” job for 3 years. While it was a great experience and the perfect place for me to start, it was an office job and I am just not an office person. On the side, I started selling some of my designs and crafts on Etsy. I quickly learned that one of the biggest needs on Etsy is handmade wedding items.

Therefore, I started making more and more of these items. I realized that I could branch out on my own and actually make it. I was so tired of the office life and energized by the positive feedback I was receiving on Etsy.

Now it’s almost 8 years and over 9,000 sales on Etsy later and I’m branching out. Over these last few years I have come to realize how much I love planning, design, and photography and this is where I’ve brought it all together. Plan for your “journey” here on the blog and find the designs you need to celebrate in our shop. Finally, remember your journey with a photo session. You can find out more about my story here.

What are life’s “Journeys”?

Also during these last few years I lived abroad and that really brought home the idea of life being made up of “journeys”. That’s why you can plan your vacations with the blog and shop travel photography to bring wanderlust into your own home. When I talk about “journeys” I’m referring to any of life’s special moments you want to document. I’ve broken them down for you by family, milestones, seasonal, and travel. Because I believe each of these is a way to celebrate life’s special moments, they all have a place on the blog.

What’s Your Journey?

What are you looking to celebrate? Is it a birthday? An anniversary? Or are you hoping to find a photographer that wants to make the session meaningful? My photo sessions are a celebration in themselves. I strive to make it fun and something your family will always remember. Or maybe you’re looking for a fun theme for your kid’s birthday party? I’ve got lots of them. I love a good theme, and you’ll quickly find that my designs are (almost) always themed. Keep reading to discover more in-depth description of each of the categories.


The first category of journeys is family. Under family you’ll find everyday home, weddings, and baby. All the pieces that go into the making of a family.

Celebrate Family

  • Home & Planning: Home and planning is the “catch-all” for everyday life. Are you looking to celebrate back to school? Or maybe you’re in need of a photo session to update those family photos. This is the area for you. Shop home decor as well categorized by theme and season.
  • Weddings: Next in the family category is weddings. Weddings are where my designs began. Which means, I have so many options when it comes to wedding items and I love to make complete packages for my clients. You can find everything from the bridesmaid ask to the thank you cards in my shop. If you don’t see all the pieces listed that you need, that’s okay, I take custom orders. Not every design is listed yet, so it’s possible I’ve made it before!
  • Baby: A baby is definitely one of life’s special moments and the journey to get there can be so exciting. I offer milestone stickers for baby, baby shower ideas, newborn and maternity photography, as well as photography for the baby shower, if you’re so inclined. Designs for baby are probably the second most sought-after item from my Etsy shop, so I’ve got plenty of those as well.


The next major section you’ll see is milestones. These are events that happen maybe every year, or maybe once in a life time. Think birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.

Celebrate Milestones


Next up is seasonal and I’ve broken this down by the four seasons in order to make it simpler. However, within those seasons you’ll find holiday decor, gifts, mini photo sessions, and more.

Celebrate the Season

  • Summer: I’m not going to lie, summer is my favorite time of the year. I was born in the summer, I love the sunshine, I love the water, and I love the outdoors. Even when it’s 110 here in Texas, I’ll still take it over winter. Celebrate summer, the 4th of July, and back to school with my designs or photos.
  • Winter: If summer is my favorite, then winter is definitely my least favorite. However, I do offer mini-sessions during this time and it’s the perfect chance to get family photos and your holiday card done in one place. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.


If I had to choose one great love of my life, it would be travel. That’s why it’s definitely a “journey”. I’ve traveled since before I could walk. I actually took my first steps while on vacation in Yellowstone. It’s in my blood and I love sharing the tips I’ve learned from the different places I have been and/or lived. You can plan your vacation and shop travel photography to bring wanderlust to your home.

Celebrate Together

  • Planning: I love to plan trips and I love sharing about them too. Each time I travel, I learn something new and I’m always adding what I learn to a new blog post. A vacation is a great way to celebrate life’s journeys together.
  • Photography: If you love traveling as much as I do, then head over to the travel photography section. I sell my travel photography from around the world. I even make it into fun home decor as well.

What if you don’t see your Journey?

Nothing to worry about there, I love custom orders, custom photo sessions, custom vacations, custom everything. Let’s create together! Send me an email, I always answer within 1 business day.

Sound like your Jam? Join the Club

If you’re already sold and ready to sign up for more ideas on planing celebrating, and remembering life’s journeys then be sure to join the Journey Junkies club.

How to Celebrate Life’s Special Moments with Design & Photography
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