How to Make Printable Games from Other Printables

printable games for fall

One thing about printables that I love so much is that they can be used for so many different things. Even if you find a “printable banner” that you love, that doesn’t mean you can’t re-purpose it into other things as well.

Today I’m going to show you how to take simple printables and make them into printable games you can play anywhere. Sometimes the only thing you need to do in order to change how you use a printable is to print them a different size.

If you need help with printing smaller or larger, check this post, I have a short tutorial video that will show you how to do it from your computer.

What are Printables or Where do I Get Them?

Now, if you’re reading this and wondering what printables are or where to get them, printables designs made on a computer or tablet that you can print at home or use digitally. If you want to check them out for free, join the email club where I talk about them weekly.

If you love printables already and want to know how to get unlimited ones each month, sign up for The Printables Club, you’ll get access to 1000s of printables like the ones below.

fall games made from printables

5 Games You Can Play with Printables

It’s time to talk about games. A couple of these are printables specifically designed to be games and then there are a few that are not necessarily designed that way but can be re-purposed.

1. Memory Matching

This first printable falls into the category of not designed as a game, but can be used that way. You’ll find a lot of printables that are designed to be stickers, cupcake toppers, or are simply graphics to use for your own projects.

When you have printables like that, you can print them all twice and use them as a memory matching game. Here’s the steps

  1. Print two copies
  2. Cut them out in squares or circles, doesn’t matter
  3. Mix them all up together
  4. Flip them all over
  5. Player one flips two over and tries to match them
  6. When you get a match, remove them
  7. The person with the most when they’re all gone, wins!

2. Turkey Jokes

I created this next printable with it being a game in mind. I love printing these out and using them at thanksgiving lunch or dinner. They are super fun for kids. I also love that they are different from the usual telling what you’re thankful for. That is wonderful and I love it, but these are a nice compliment to something to talk about over thanksgiving that’s less heavy.

They are also perfect for putting your kid’s lunch box during the month of November. How fun is it to have a joke for them to share each day or week that is themed to the season.

Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes
Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes available seasonally in The Printables Club

3. Coloring Pages

For this next game, they were designed to be coloring pages, BUT, I want to show you another way you can use them for a game. Yes, have kids color them, that’s a great way to keep them occupied.

  1. After the kids finish coloring them
  2. Cut them into any shape and mix them all up.
  3. Once you finish with that, you can piece them all together.
  4. Let the kids race to see who can get one done first.

4. Race for the Candy

Another fun game is one that I completely made up but love so much. It’s definitely a game and you can play it over and over. This game requires dice.

Take turns rolling the dice and moving along the board. Try to land on as many pieces of candy as possible. Avoid all the scary spots because you’ll have to return to home and start over. Detailed instructions of how to set up the game and play are included.

Halloween Board Game
Halloween Game available seasonally in The Printables Club

5. Bingo, Word Scramble, I Spy

This final set of games were made to be just that, games. However, this is another chance to use them multiple ways. For the bingo game, you can play it like you would I spy.

Sit outside and let player 1 choose something they see in the area. Limit the amount of guesses that player 2 gets. If player 2 guesses it, they get to mark it off their board, if not, then player 1 gets to mark it off. The first person to mark off a straight line wins!

For the word scramble, you can use it just as that. BUT, after you’ve finished unscrambling the words, play another game! For this you’ll need two players:

  1. Have player 1 choose one of the words
  2. describe it to player 2
  3. Do not use any of the other words on the card that have been unscrambled.
  4. Once player 2 guesses it, move on to the next word.
Fall Games available seasonally in The Printables Club

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