Non Candy Valentine Ideas Your Kids will Still Love

non candy valentine ideas

It’s after Christmas, after the start of the New Year, right when that “healthy lifestyle” you committed to is getting harder and bam Valentine’s candy. If you’re anything like me, you don’t keep a lot of candy in the house because you’ll eat it in one sitting. That’s why I love non candy valentine ideas.

No? Just me then?

Regardless, I’m guessing you made it here to this blog because you’re looking for some non-candy valentine ideas. Whatever your reason, I’ve got some for you.

Today I’m sharing non candy valentine ideas that you can pair with our printable valentine cards in the Printables club.

Non Candy Valentine Ideas

Each of these ideas still pair a fun little goodie with the printable and you can always add some candy in if you really want.


I personally love a good pop-it. I think they are so fun. At first, I didn’t get it but after playing with one, I’m in love. Pair them with a cute printable and the kids will love it. I personally like the keychain ones because they are easy to attach to the card. Just punch a couple holes in it.

non candy valentine ideas- Popit valentine cards on white background
Use fun key chain pop its for valentine kids cards

Dinosaur Wind-Up Toy

If you have a kid that loves dinosaurs, then sharing that love is perfect for Valentine’s day. These are paired with a dinosaur wind-up toy.

dinosaur valentine card
Dinosaur valentine cards to pair with a cute wind up toy

Sports Themed

These sports themed valentines can be paired with stress balls, mini key chains, bouncy balls, and more. Anything that’s made to look like the sport will match the card. The options are endless really and 4 different sports are included in the printable.

sports valentines
Pair the printable sports cards with bouncy balls, stress balls, and more

Race Cars

Zoom Zoom! This last idea is fun to pair with little race cars. Bonus points if you get the ones that go on their own after pulling them back. I love those.

race car valentine
Race car valentines are perfect to go zoom zoom!


I personally love bubbles and don’t know many kids who don’t. So “blow them away” with this Valentine idea.

valentine with bubbles
Give bubbles as a fun valentine idea

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are fun and you can keep to the valentine theme by going pink and red or mix it up with fun colors.

glow stick valentine
Give glow sticks for kids’ valentines


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? Well, get these fake rings at Hobby Lobby and pair them with a printable tag.

Valentine Rings
You’re a Gem Valentine Tag with “diamond” ring


Temporary tattoos are always fun! I know I loved them as a kid and as an adult actually. Tell them you’re “stuck on them” with this idea.

Tattoo Valentine Cards
“Stuck on You” Valentine Cards with Temporary Tattoos


Now, let’s move to some more “boy” valentines. I personally think girls can like frogs and bugs too, but I’ve been told these are “boy ideas”. So, Pair this one with plastic frogs.

frog themed valentine
“I’m so Hoppy You’re My Friend” Valentine with toy frog


Bugs are another fun one! Love bugs are perfect for Valentine goodies and you can put them with the mason jar printable for extra cute-ness.

Love Bug valentine
Mason Jar Valentine card with love bugs

Army Guys

Finally, have a kid that loves camo? Then this is for them. Pair little army men with this “love is a battlefield” printable.

Valentine Card with Army Men
Give Valentines with little plastic army men

Mini Magnifying Glass

Finally, these fun little magnifying glasses come in all kinds of colors and are perfect to pair with the “I Spy” cards.

I spy valentine with magnifying glass
Give an “I Spy” Valentine with magnifying glass

That’s a wrap on the non-candy valentines. Keep in mind that each of the printables can be paired with pretty much anything you want. Download the cards in the Printables Club. You’ll get access to 1000s of designs for celebrating everything.

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