Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will Actually Love

Mother's Day Crafts

Let’s get real. Just because you made it, doesn’t mean mom wants it. Sorry. Hands up if you’ve thrown away your own kid’s “art” from school. It’s okay, I would too.

However, I do believe Mother’s Day crafts or personalized gifts are a great way to celebrate Mom. Something unique and from the heart is a gift she’ll be sure to love for many years… provided it’s a good one.

Today I’m sharing ideas for Mother’s Day crafts and cards. I’ve categorized them by type so if your mom loves wine, books, photos, or cooking, you’re in the right place.  

If you want to try one of the crafts below, you’ll find each of the supplies listed as well. If you’re looking for printables to get you started, join The Printables Club, it has everything you need.

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Gifts Mom Will Love


First up is cards. If you do nothing else for Mother’s Day crafts you should at least get her a card, right?!

A great way to do cards is to find printable ones. Please, don’t run out and spend a $6 on a card from Target. Every other Mom will get those cards too. Keep it unique.

Recommended Supplies

For printing at home, I use very thick card stock. Anything 100 lb or higher is best for quality. However, it’s not going to go through every printer. If you’re looking for other options, check out papers paper or paper source.

Mother’s Day Card Bundle available seasonally in The Printables Club

Wine-Related Gifts

If you know me, you know I love wine, and as it turns out, my Mom does too. She tends to like the sweet stuff, but that doesn’t stop us from vineyard-hopping together. These below are for wine lover.

Wine Bottle Vases

First up in the wine category is this set of three wine bottles. I’ve had these in my Etsy shop for a while with initials. They are pretty popular and I love the idea of them spelling out Mom with a heart.

Recommended Supplies

For these, you’ll simply need wine bottles, jute (for wrapping), lace, heart, and the letters. You’ll also need glue and paint. Personally, I like drinking the wine first, but if you aren’t a wine drinker, you can purchase empty bottles here.

Wine Bottle Label

If you’re mom does love wine, and you don’t want to give her empty bottles, then give her a full one with this next idea. Add a cute label to the bottle. Best part? They are sold in sets of 4 so give them to friends, siblings, etc. who are also moms.

Recommended Supplies

If you want to print out wine labels on your own, check out these full sheet labels.

Bookworm Gifts


I actually love to give my mom bookmarks. She’s one of the few people in my life who still uses them. Therefore, it makes a great little gift. Sometimes I’ll purchase them during my travels as they are also easy to pack. Make this simple bookmark with the supplies below.

Easy World's Greatest Mother Bookmark
Easy World’s Greatest Mother Bookmark
Recommended Supplies

All you need is card stock from paper source and the stamp from Hobby Lobby. Plus, any other embellishments you want to add to the bookmark.

Book Bag

Next for the mom that loves to read is one that could fit for just about any mom. This mom bag could be for books, groceries, or really anything your mom may carry.

Mommin' Ain't Easy funny mom bag
Mommin’ Ain’t Easy Bag
Recommended Supplies

For the book bag, you can find it at Zazzle and personalize it to make it unique.

Photo Gifts

Photo Ornament

While a little early for Christmas, you could still give your Mom an ornament. Anything with a photo is sure to please.


You can find the wooden tree slice (or any other kind of wooden block) at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Attach the photo to the wood piece of your choice with mod podge.

Recommended Supplies

If you want to make this frame, it’s super easy! You’ll just need a wooden heart, spray paint, a clip, and embellishments of your choice. Everything I used I found at Hobby Lobby.

Cooking Gifts


First for the mom who cooks is this apron. I pretty much love it. Plus, you can customize it online.

This Is What An Awesome Mom Looks Like Adult Apron
Awesome Mom Apron
Recommended Supplies

For this and the mug below, all you need is your computer and access to the internet. You can personalize this apron right online at Zazzle and have it shipped to your house.

Coffee Mug

So this next idea isn’t really for the mom who cooks, but it is a kitchen item so I put it in this category anyway. I love the large array of mugs on zazzle.

Dear Mom [Siblings Version] Coffee Mug
Dear Mom Coffee Mug
Recommended Supplies

Again, all you’ll need is your computer, you can personalize the mug and be done.

Need more Ideas for Celebrating… Everything?

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