My new favorite theme for January and February is the Love Bug theme. A love bug birthday party is so easy to do and there’s loads of discounted love items this time of year.

This first birthday party and photoshoot was so much fun. I’m sharing three set-ups I did for the photoshoot and 5 different designs. You can find all the designs in our shop here. I’ve also included links to the supplies to do your own Love Bug party or photoshoot.

Plus, if you want to make your own love bug designs, then head over to the Journey Junkies page. You can download a free love bug graphic. If you’re not a member, you can sign up here.

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love themed birthday party

3 Love Themed Photoshoot Set-ups

Hanging Hearts

This first idea is super easy to do and requires minimal supplies. It’s also great because the one-year-old and just play and you have cute-ness behind them. Make these hanging hearts out of fabric, ribbon, and glue and drape them on your backdrop. Easy-peasy, and look how cute!

stylized first birthday sessions
Easy heart background for a love bug birthday party

Supplies: Ribbon | Pre-Cut Hearts | Glue

Kissing Booth

I’ve seen this kissing booth idea all over the place, but it’s always a bit more than everyone can do. I did it in a much simpler fashion and it was still adorable. You can build a full on kissing booth with wood and crates and then find a place to store it, or you can simply make this cute banner and use one crate for baby. One day, I will build an adorable kissing booth for valentine’s shoots, but for now, this worked well.

Kissing Booth Themed Photo
Kissing Booth Themed 1st Birthday Photo

Supplies: Cardstock | Ribbon | Stickers | Crate

Love Balloon Basket

This last one is actually pretty simple as well but it can be tricky if the baby doesn’t care for balloons. If that’s the case, you might want to skip it.

It took Lily here a little time to warm up to the balloons but once she did, she was happy to hang out in the basket. You can find the “LOVE” prop in my shop as well here.

Love Themed 1st Birthday Photoshoot
Love Themed 1st Birthday Photoshoot

Supplies: Basket | Balloons | LOVE Prop

5 Love Bug Birthday Products


First up for the birthday party products is always the invite. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: start with the invite. Once you get that, you can make or get matching items.

1st Birthday Invitation with Love Bug Theme
1st Birthday Invitation with Love Bug Theme

“I Am One” Banner

This “I Am One” banner is a definite must-have for the first birthday. It’s perfect for the cake smash photo-op.

"I Am One" Love Bug Birthday Banner
“I Am One” Love Bug Birthday Banner

Monthly Banner

Another must have for the 1st birthday is this mostly banner. Show off those photos so everyone can see how much the little one has grown. If you remembered to take the photos each month, then definitely get a banner to display the photos.

Happy Birthday Banner

You can’t have a birthday without a birthday banner, right? Each of our banners comes with all the letters of the alphabet. That way, you can make it say whatever you want. Use it for any occasion!

Love Bug Happy Birthday Banner
Love Bug Happy Birthday Banner

Stickers or Cupcake Toppers

Finally, this last design is just a little something extra. These can be stickers for favors, cupcake toppers, or just more decor. The possibilities are endless and they each come with 5 different designs.

Love Bug Themed Stickers or Cupcake Toppers
Love Bug Themed Stickers or Cupcake Toppers

Share the Love!

That’s a wrap on the love bug photoshoot and designs. If you want to design your own love bug creations, then head over to the Journey Junkies page to download the graphics. If you missed the link to sign up, find that below

What do you think? Did you fall in love with the love bug theme too? Yes, I went there. Let me know in the comments.

Little Girl First Birthday Party Theme for January and February You will Love
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