7 Adorable Last Sail Before the Veil Items to Make Your Party the Best

Last Sail before the Veil

If you’re looking for a fun, off-beat bachelorette theme that also goes well with summer, then this is for you. The Last Sail before the Veil is the perfect answer to get you outside and into your favorite swim trunks.

Today, I want to share my ideas to help you make it a great party, and to make it unique. You know you need an invite, etc, but what about other goodies to really put your party over the top? That’s what I’ve got for you!

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Why a Last Sail Before the Veil?

Before we get to the extras, don’t forget to keep the invite in theme with the party. A last sail before the veil is perfect for the sun-loving/water-bug bride. It’s definitely something everyone will remember and can be a boat-load of fun. Yes, I went there.

Get Your Invite First

I always start with the invite.  For sailing, I love using gold glitter with pink and navy.

7 Ideas to Make Your Last Sail Before the Veil Awesome

1. Badge for Bride

Give your captain bride a special button to wear!

Captain Bride Badge
Captain Bride Badge

2. Paper Goods

Don’t forget to rock cups and ice! I’ve said it before, but cups, plates, and napkins are an easy way to incorporate the theme.  Plus, you need them anyway.

Paper Cups

3. Advice Cards

Next up is advice cards. I love this idea of “nauti advice” for the bachelorette.  Anytime I can use the theme within the design, I’m all about it! Download these as part of The Printables Club.

Pink and Navy

4. Drink Cooler

Let’s be honest, you’re going to drink, something, even if it’s g-rated.  Then get a can cooler.  Plus, these make great favors for the guests.

Drink Cooler
Drink Cooler

5. Tote Bag

If you’re going to be out sailing, you’ll need something to carry all your goodies.  Why not keep it within the theme?

Tote Bag
Tote Bag

6. Sunglasses

You’re going to be sailing or at least outside, right? You need sunglasses.


7. Tattoos

Tattoos can be a fun little extra, but if you’re not into them, check out our next idea as well.

Temporary Tattoo
Temporary Tattoo

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